Get Your Outdoor Space Party-Ready With These Tips


What do people generally think when they hear the word “party”? They might imagine lavish decorations, expensive food and drinks, and all their friends in attendance. But it doesn’t take much to turn your backyard into the ultimate party destination-you just need creativity and some time. With these tips, anyone can throw an outdoor space party that’s not only memorable but also cost-effective. 

Make your yard more accessible

The first thing you need to do is make your backyard accessible and easy to move around in. Enclose your space with a picket fence, or by building it yourself. This will give you the opportunity to have an opening for guests to come through instead of having them walk all over your yard to get around. If you don’t want too much of the outside world in the mix, try installing gates along this fence. Another option is having paths throughout your yard, so people can easily move around without getting things dirty or sacrificing floor space to walkways.

One other great solution is decking parts of your yard. As mentioned by the team behind Cladco Decking, if you have a small yard and need to save space, there are all kinds of decking options available. Paired with some folding chairs and benches, your yard will be perfect for all kinds of gatherings. You can even create an outdoor room or two by placing the decking in certain areas!


Lighting is one of the most important parts of making your outdoor party area exciting. Have enough light, so people are able to move around without bumping into things, but don’t go overboard on wattage. Also, using dimmers allows you to easily adjust lights if necessary. A couple of hanging lamps or pendant lights above tables is always a safe bet. For more atmosphere, try string lights or Christmas-style mini lights, but make sure to not use these around food or drinks!

Bring the indoors out

One of the best ways you can improve your outdoor space is by bringing some of the indoors out. Whether you bring out a small sectional sofa, fancy coffee table, or even just a few soft chairs, this makes an excellent addition to any party. If it’s cold outside, bring out some throw blankets or your favorite pillows, so guests are comfortable! Just be sure nothing gets too dirty and that everything stays where it should be at all times.

This is also another great way to incorporate lighting into your yard. Smaller lamps placed on tables let people know where they need to go if they want to grab another drink or see what time it is.

Add some comfort

Having enough seating for your guests is another excellent way to make them comfortable throughout the night. Chairs are easy enough to find, but one of the best things you can do is get some outdoor sofas or sectionals. These help guests relax and act more like they’re in their own living room than out on a lawn. If you want different styles of sofas, try getting two that are next to each other with the sides touching, creating what looks like one huge piece of furniture! You can even use ottomans or poufs for extra seating when needed.

Make food and drinks accessible

Finding an easy way to make food accessible is a great way to reduce the worry of running out. If you’re doing a backyard picnic, put up a canopy, which will provide shade for your guests and ample space beneath it to set up food stations. You can also rent tables and chairs to create an area for buffet-style service or sit-down meals.

The table should have several areas where people can place their plates, cups, utensils, napkins, etc. Buy any serving dishes in advance, so there are plenty on hand. Place small bowls of condiments nearby for self-serve items like ketchup or mustard. Have vases full of flowers on the table with votives in the middle that will make it feel even more inviting.

If the table is large enough, you can set up a bar station nearby with glasses and ice to keep drinks close at hand. Think about other special touches that will help make for an enjoyable experience during mealtime, like utensils wrapped in napkins or having big serving spoons nearby to use when dishing out a salad or saucy meats.

Provide some entertainment

Now that everyone has found their place to sit and relax, it will be time to entertain! Whether it’s a projector screen, a small stage with a DJ booth, or just some outdoor speakers, your backyard is the perfect place to have an epic party. If you want to make it even more special, hire a crowd favorite like a DJ or magician. This will make it easy to get guests involved and create lasting memories for all!

Use what you have

While it’s fun to pick up new items for your backyard or deck, there are lots of things you probably already have that will work too! If your chairs and sofas aren’t in the best condition, spray paint them with some metallic colors to make them look great again. Outdoor rugs give extra warmth and can be used as seating when needed, while also adding some style to your yard. Don’t forget about lighting, either… just because it’s outside doesn’t mean you need to go all out on wattage. Hang a few lanterns around, or use candles instead! If you know how to use these in the right way, you can make any outdoor space party-ready in no time!

Establish areas

Last but not least, if there are certain sections of your yard you’d like guests to stay out of, create boundaries by using things like bistro tables and chairs, or even potted plants. This will prevent people from stepping on grass that hasn’t had time to grow back after your last big event. It may seem formal at first glance, but it gives the effect that different areas are off-limits, even if they’re wide open spaces.

Over the years, your outdoor space has probably served many purposes. Not only is it somewhere you go when you want to get some fresh air, but it also serves as an extension of your indoor living space. Whether you’re throwing a small family gathering or hosting one of the biggest parties in town, there are tons of things you can do to make your yard look great! Our tips showed some of those things, and we hope they help you come up with your own ideas.