Get Your Packing Right And Light For Your Hen Do Abroad


In the life of an engaged, bride-to-be, hen do is one of the most looked forward to events. It is the celebration of the bride’s last few days of being a Ms. before she says ‘i do’ to being a Mrs. Hen nights are a very important pre-wedding event that is hosted by the maid of honour and other bridesmaids.

Going abroad for a hen do is one of the most popular trends among all hen night ideas. It’s a great way to extend a one night hen do celebration to an entire hen weekend. It will give more time to the hen gang to bond with the bride-to-be and there will be more time to accommodate multiple hen do activities.

Packing light and right for a hen do abroad is very essential. So here are some tips to help you in packing for your hen do abroad.

  1. Important Documents

The most important requirement for travelling abroad for a hen do is making sure that you carry the correct documentation and visa permits. So make sure that you’ve got your passports, identification documents and visa permits ready with you and in your hand bag so that it’s easily available at the time of its need.

  1. Clothes

If you want to pack light for your hen do abroad, then it’s important to ensure that you don’t carry any more clothes than what you need. This means that you should pack your outfits according to each day and activity and carry just that many clothes and maybe an extra pair for emergencies. So as per that calculation, you will need a pair of night clothes, some comfortable wear for sightseeing, an outfit for the main hen night and some comfortable loungewear.

The clothes that you pack for your hen do abroad will also depend on the weather and climate of the destination you’re travelling to. So, in case it’s cold there, you might want to stock up on some woolens. If it’s a warm, beach destination then some cool, cotton wear would be best suited.  

If you’re just carrying a small handbag, rucksack or suitcase, then the best way to save on space in your luggage is to roll your clothes and stack them. This is a time tested trick to save space, make it easy to identify your clothes and also to make sure that they don’t crease.

  1. Shoes

You don’t need as many shoes for a hen do abroad as you may think you do. Yup, a pair of heels or comfortable flats for the main hen night are more than enough for a formal wear. Apart from these, carry a pair of shoes that you’re most comfortable walking in for long distances so that you’re all set for the sightseeing part of your hen do abroad.  Two pair of shoes should be enough to get you through your hen weekend abroad.

Here’s a tip to save space in your luggage with the help of your shoes. You can pack your socks or other small items inside the shoes to save space in your luggage.

  1. Hen Night Props and Costumes

You must definitely be planning to pop some party poppers, wear sashes and maybe blow up some balloons. Well, then don’t forget to carry these and don’t bother carrying things that you can easily find at the destination. It will only increase your luggage weight and there’s no point in carrying something just for one night, which you can anyways procure at the destination.

  1. Makeup and Accessories

Just the way you pack your clothes as per each day and activity, follow the same approach to pack your accessories and makeup. Imagine the order of things for all the days of the hen weekend and then pack your makeup and accessories. To ensure that you pack light, you need to make sure that you pack exactly what you will use and need. Nothing more and nothing less.

  1. Medicines and Snacks

Always carry some medicines and ointments for basic, minor ailments like headache, fever etc. These will come in handy in case of an emergency. Also, for the hangover after the hen party, you can carry some vitamin supplements which will help you with your hangover.

Always carry some small snacks like nutri bars or chocolates to munch on, in case of any sudden hunger pangs during your hen weekend.


A hen do abroad is a combination of travelling and partying. So packing for a hen do abroad will be different than packing for just a casual trip. But that doesn’t have to mean you can’t pack light. The key to packing light is strictly packing just what you will use and need, nothing more than that.