Getting a Modern Kitchen Design in 2021-2022


Kitchens are typically one of the most important rooms in the home. When considering investing in a new kitchen it is important to find out exactly what is on offer. As kitchen trends develop there are many styles to choose from. There is also a multitude of appliance options that can do just about anything imaginable. Whether you are a veritable Heston Blumenthal or a microwave meal connoisseur, there are some things to consider when designing a new kitchen.

Always think about what you intend to do with the property. If you plan to stay there forever then you can include idiosyncratic devices that you will really enjoy. However, an integrated teriyaki grill may not be a great selling feature in a family home. The point here is that looking at the longer-term may guide some of the decision-making. 

Kitchen Trends in 2021

This year, as part of an overall trend towards a more minimalistic style, there has been a move away from the over-the-top kitchen design that is heavy on storage space and decoration. Kitchens have moved closer to being multi-functional spaces, with areas for cooking and entertaining being merged into a great social space for family and friends.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are the heart of modern kitchen design, with many leading designers moving toward open-plan spaces that have an island in the center acting as the hub of the space. Kitchens need to be multi-functional spaces where you can prepare food, wash up and entertain guests at the same time. Islands are a great way to use space without packing everything around the perimeter of the room.


Kitchen surfaces are now being used as a display space – taking inspiration from the high-end kitchen showrooms, glossy lifestyle magazines, and, of course, Instagram. Benches, tables and worktops are now being finished with decorative materials that lend themselves to being an integral part of the look of the kitchen rather than just a place where food is prepared. Think

Fixtures & Fittings

Hardware is being used in exciting ways to create a statement. We are seeing more unusual pulls on cabinets and kitchen storage objects. Out with the boring bronze taps of old and in with bold black faucets and mixers. The reemergence of handles on cabinets is also giving rise to statement features in otherwise minimalistic designs.

Kitchen Storage

Rather than the inclusion of large pieces of bulky furniture, storage is being brought up to date with more invisible solutions for kitchen storage. The use of wall-mounted shelves on tracks has been on the money for a long time. Utilizing cup hooks, magnetic strips and under-worktop cabinets allows people to display their kitchen gadgets, which are often sleek in design and handy not to have crammed into the utensil drawer.

Getting a Professional Design

A professional kitchen designer can help you achieve an on-trend kitchen. They can also give you advice and guidance on all aspects of the process, which means listening to what you want from the space, as well as helping to choose the most suitable options for the property. Matter designs founder John Young points out that, whilst it can be a great idea to install the large six-point induction hob, it may require you to upgrade the electrics in older properties kitchen. There are all sorts of practical considerations that need to be included early on in the design process to save headaches later on.

Ultimately everyone wants the kitchen of their dreams. What this means is different for everyone, but the kitchen trends of the future may need more than just a kitchen redesign. There are some things that you can tackle as part of a weekend DIY project, like installing a shelf for your favourite items. But if you want to go for a modern kitchen design, speak to a professional designer.