Getting An Instant Auto Insurance Online


So you have just bought your first car and now you need to get it insured before you are able to take it out on the road. In the past this has been somewhat of a hassle but by getting your car insurance online, you are able to get a quote and then have proof of coverage in just a matter of minutes. If you are interested in getting your cat insurance online, then you can get a quote here at Simply Insurance.

Application Process

During the process of applying for car insurance you must answer some questions about both yourself and your car. Once you have done this you can then pick the level of coverage that you would like, along with the coverage amount that you would be willing to pay. It is important to remember at this stage that pretty much every one of these factors will have an impact on your premiums, with the greater level of coverage that you go for, the higher that the premiums will be. 

Once you have purchased the car insurance policy you are given proof of it in the form of an insurance card. This can either be printed off or kept in electronic form for your records. If you are ever in the unfortunate situation of your car being damaged or even stolen, then you need to file a claim with the insurance company that you took the policy out with. In these instances, you are essentially asking for the damage to your vehicle to be paid for by the company. If it is covered, then they will pay to fix the damages up to the specific limits agreed. 

Car insurance will not only cover yourself, but also your spouse, or any other members of your family that you have added to your policy. In some instances, your insurance will cover you even if you are driving a car that is not yours, providing you have the owners permission to do so. Similarly, you can also get a level of cover that means that should someone other than those named on your policy have a road traffic accident whilst driving your car then it is still protected. 

Mandatory Requirements

In every state other than New Hampshire, car insurance is a mandatory requirement in order for you to be legally allowed to drive your car on the road. However, that is not to say that those individuals driving in New Hampshire can do so carefree. In fact, they are still required to take financial responsibility for any collision that they have in their car that is their fault. For everyone else across the rest of the United States, they must at least have liability insurance, underinsured / uninsured motorist coverage insurance, and medical payments insurance. Driving without any of these may result in you being issued with a fine, having your driver’s license taken off of you, or worst of all being put in jail. It is, therefore, super important that you get the minimum level of coverage required for the state that you live in.

It is important to remember that even with the required level of coverage, you will not be completely covered should you have a collision in your car. For example, if you are legally required to have liability coverage of up to $15,000 but have a crash that causes $30,000 of damages, then you would be expected to pay the remaining amount. Also, in such an instance your own car would be unprotected and so you would also need to pay to get that damage fixed too. This is why it is important to get more than just what is required and instead take out a policy where you are fully protected against all eventualities.

The different levels of car insurance coverage currently available include…

Liability Insurance

This insurance covers you should you have a car accident and be required to pay for damage to the other car(s) involved, the injuries of other drivers and passengers, damage to street objects such as mailboxes. It also protects you should someone ever decide to file a lawsuit against you as a result of a collision that you caused. 

Comprehensive Insurance

This keeps you covered against events that are not a result of your actions and that you have no control over such as being hit by an animal or object, damage from natural disasters, falling branches or trees, vandalism, fire, and even your car being stolen. 

Collision Insurance

Regardless of who is at fault for the road traffic accident, this insurance means that you are covered. It even protects you in the unlikely case that you ever accidentally overturn your car.

Underinsured / Uninsured Motorist Coverage Insurance

If you are ever in a car accident with a driver that is either underinsured or not insured at all, then this insurance will kick in and cover the cost of the damage to your vehicle and your medical bills, if necessary.

Underinsured / Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury Insurance

For those instances where you are hit by an underinsured or uninsured driver and have medical bills and lose income, this insurance keeps you covered for this.

Medical Payments Insurance

With this insurance, both your and your passenger’s medical bills are covered in the event of a collision in your car. This is also true should you be involved in a road traffic accident in someone else’s vehicle. 

Although there are lots of different things that you can get covered for when it comes to car insurance, there are some things that no policy will protect you against. These include mechanical repairs, such as oil changes and loose breaks, and driving your car for commercial reasons, such as for Lyft, Doordash, or Uber. For this you will need to take out a special type of car insurance.

For most drivers in the United States, this level of coverage is the absolute minimum that you must have. With this level, should you ever be in a traffic accident that is your fault, then the insurance company will pay for any lawsuits that come as a result.