Getting Ready For Summer With a Brighter Wardrobe


Even if the temperatures are not indicating that summer will soon be here, the fact remains that we will soon have longer hours of daylight and hopefully some nicer weather. Part of getting into the mood for summer is getting your wardrobe prepared by putting away your darker and gloomier outfits and accessories to make way for the ones that shout ‘Summer is here, yippee!!’

From going shopping for the hottest outfit trends for summer 2018, to switching your jewellery styles, there is plenty to be done to get your summer wardrobe ready to enjoy the warmer days and garden parties or family barbecues. Don’t wait until summer arrives, start your summer fashion transformation now so that you are ready at the first sight of a sunny day. You never know, it could be the first and last one for a while!

Here are some ideas to get you into summer fashion mode:


Put your heavier, darker jewellery away and get your more playful and colourful accessories out instead. Light jewellery is the essence of summer fashion and helps you to feel more breezy and summery. Bracelets with floral patterns and other summer-themed styles should be on your radar. Take a look at the bracelet collections from Tateossian for some inspiration and to see what will be hot this summer.

Big bows and bands

Headbands with big bows or just big bows on their own will be popular accessories this year. Not only are headbands great as fashion statements, they are also great for practical purposes on those days where the wind picks up and you want your hair to stay in place rather than looking like something out of a horror movie!

Jewelled sandals

Your footwear is a very important consideration because you need something that is going to be comfy whilst still exuding style and demonstrating that you are on point when it comes to fashion. Sandals with robust straps are a must and you can ensure that they still look ultra glamorous by choosing ones that are decorated with beautiful ‘jewel’ style glass pieces.

Shoulder-grazing earrings

If you have been keeping tabs on the fashion weeks in Paris and elsewhere then you will no doubt have noticed that the earrings styles being favoured by the great fashion designers this summer. Colourful, shoulder-length earrings are the essential ear decoration that fashionable people will be wearing throughout the warmer months.

Pastel colours

Dark, gloomy colours are out and fresh, pastel colours are most certainly in this summer. From makeup shades to outfits and jewellery, pastel colours are totally on trend this year.


They say everything in fashion comes back around and that is certainly the case with sequins. Once an essential element of the disco era, then brought back into popularity perhaps by style icon and singing sensation Beyonce alone, the use of sequins in fashion is back and could be even bigger than before. Expect to see more sequinned dresses than even at the last 60s themed party that you attended as sequins take over.

Peaky blinder hats

Flat caps are another one of those boomerang fashion styles that seem to keep returning over the years. With the huge popularity of the TV series Peaky Blinders, men and women all over the country will be copying the trend that has been brought back into modern day fashion in such as surprising manner. The Baker Boy style is going to be popular with women and the News Boy style will be popular with the male fashion followers.