Getting the Bright White Smile You’ve Been Waiting For


Looking for a way to improve your smile? Go ahead and skip over the countless options of professional whitening treatments, boxes of take-home strips, and other home remedies that claim to whiten your teeth and head over to Snow to pick up their unique, award winning whitening kit.

Snow’s whitening kit contains a doctor formulated whitening serum and a unique LED light mouthpiece that, when used together, remove stains, old and new, revealing a beautiful white smile.

The great thing about Snow is the time that the company puts into developing a product that provides a positive whitening experience for all of its users. Snow uses natural ingredients, never tests on animals, and offers products that protect the health of teeth, gums, and lips.

Snow has also released a new version of their whitening kit that will improve the health of your teeth and gums even further. With advanced red and blue- light technology, the whitening kit can both remove stains and help to promote circulation to the gums and fight gingivitis.

Furthermore, Snow’s kit has a new design that is more efficient and convenient for whitening anywhere. The box is more compact, taking up less space in your bathroom or bag, and it has a charging and self-sanitizing port for when you are not whitening. Plus, it’s waterproof so now you can even whiten in the shower.

The process is still so simple: use the whitening serum, insert the mouthpiece for ten minutes, rinse, and you’re done! Now, however, if you want a gum treatment, just change the setting on the mouthpiece and use the red-light setting to eliminate gum disease causing bacteria. You can also set whitening goals with the shade detection feature that adapts to your whitening goals.

Snow has raised the bar for teeth whitening systems everywhere and is quickly growing in popularity. Snow’s kit is the number one system used by celebrities, proving just how effective the formula and technology is.

No other methods of teeth whitening provide the stunning results that Snow does. Snow’s whitening kit provides celebrity-grade whitening results at an everyday price. Snow works five times faster than white strips and gives better results too. Their results are guaranteed, and the thousands of satisfied customers can attest to the wonder that is Snow.

With all of Snow’s new improvements, users will be able to cut down their trips to the dentist, as well as save a small fortune. Unlike other teeth whitening methods that only remove some stains on the surface, Snow removes tough stains underneath the surface, prevents future ones, and even supports gum health.

So, the next time you’re wanting to brighten up your smile, don’t spend thousands of dollars at the dentist, or waste your time with at-home whitening kits from the store. Neither option will give you the results that you’re after. Neither option will give you the results that Snow will.

So, pick up Snow’s whitening kit and say hello to the new you. The you with a beautiful bright, white smile.