Getting Use out of Summer Essentials in Winter Too


Are you one of those people who bury summer once August is over?  Do you heave out that big old suitcase, pull out your woollies and re-stuff it with your summer clothes before heaving it back up into the attic, where it will moulder for the next six months?  Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. For one thing there’s no magic switch which turns on winter and then turns it off a few months later, there are lovely warm sunny days at unexpected times of the year, days when you’ll wish for some of those stashed away summer togs.  

You don’t have to get all funereal, just because it’s September, ok, probably avoid those complete pastel outfits but there’s still plenty of summer clothing and accessories which you can enjoy wearing in winter.  There’s no rule book for what you can and can’t wear as the weather gets colder and what works for someone else may not work for you but if you’ve buried summer in the attic then you’ll miss out on all the fun of exploring new outfits.


Don’t overthink shorts.  They work perfectly with a pair of warm tights underneath and a pair of knee-high or over the knee boots.  Black or dark denim would be best, it’s safe to say white shorts are no go in winter time unfortunately.


Surely, you’re not squeamish about sunnies in winter?  If you are then don’t be. From a health point of view, it probably makes more sense to wear a pair of sunglasses and prescription sunglasses in winter than it does in summer because in winter that low sun is shining rays directly into your eyes.  Not that eye health is reason most of us wear sunglasses, hell no, it’s because they are the coolest accessory on the planet, whatever time of year it is. They also protect your eyes from that biting winter wind. Also, prescription sunnies are stylish as well as useful, especially if you drive home towards the west, looking directly towards that setting sun.


So, you wore it strolling along the beach back in July, think of it now as a base on which to layer.  The general principle of which is to go from thinnest to thickest.  Try a cozy chunky cardy over the top of that vest top and see how it works.

Crop top

Be prepared to play with lengths. Short summer items, like the crop top, can be worn with a silky long-sleeved top.  Remember, you’re probably going to be spending more time in an overheated office or department store than you are on a snowy sidewalk.  Layers of light clothing enable you to make the transition from icy to overheated with ease.

Maxi dress

Summer dresses with tights and knee-high boots are a great winter look.  Try pairing this with a short jacket and a comfy scarf for a stylish, edgy ensemble.