Gifts That Will Also Promote Your Brand


Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year or someone’s birthday, exchange of gifts are always used to convey one’s best wishes and also celebrate an important moment or day. Gifts are not just exchanged between friends and family members. Nowadays, companies and businesses also make sure they send gifts to their clients and business partners to maintain a brand image.

Giving gifts to clients and business partners ensure that a stable and emotional connect is always maintained with people who are important for a thriving business. These gifts are not just a token of best wishes but are also a way of reminding the client or business partners to think of your company if they ever need to call up on a service or product you offer. This is called brand recall.


There are several kinds of gifts which you can give to potential clients, business partners or just use as promotional products at a public event or a press conference. Here’s a list of gifts that are popularly used for gifting and promotional purposes.

  1. Promotional Clothing

You could get t- shirts of different sizes with your company’s information like the company logo, motto, founding date and any other brand message that you would like to give. A lot of companies also offer different colors of promotional t-shirts so that it can also satisfy the personal likings of the clients or business partners.

  1. Promotional Cutlery

Promotional mugs, tea sets, dinner sets and other cutlery items are used to promote a brand. Usually on cutlery like coffee mugs, the logo and motto of the company are printed with not too much text. Promotional cutlery is a great choice for a promotional product because it fulfills the purpose of being useful in a household and also promotes the brand.

  1. Promotional Caps and Hats

Caps and hats are another very popular choice of promotional products that companies and businesses use. Caps usually have the company logo, motto or any other information at the back of the cap. These are again, very useful in a household and the purpose of it being more or less outdoors, will ensure that it is seen by more potential customers and is a good choice for brand recall.

  1. Promotional Stationery

Stationery products are also a very popular category of promotional products. You can get your company’s name, logo and motto on writing pads, note pads, personalized pens, pencils etc. You can also gift stationery storage products like pen stands with your company’s name and logo on the product. Stationary products could also include stamps, envelopes, folder, files etc.


Any product that can have a company’s name, logo, motto etc. engraved, painted or written on it, will be eligible to become a promotional product. A lot of promotional products are simply decorative items, but a product which can be used by someone, personalized with the company information is much more useful and effective in its purpose as a promotional product. Promotional products work great as a branding strategy not just as gifts to clients or business partners, but also for other potential clients. This is so because when a client uses or wears a promotional product, then other potential clients around them will also see the brand name and if ever in the future they require the service offered by the company, they might recall the brand name they saw on these promotional products. This is how brand recalls works. Visuals and other information on a product leave a better impact on a potential customer or client.