Give Bali A Chance!


Bali is a melting pot of culture and tourism. You’d be hard pressed to walk down the street in Kuta and not hear a range of accents and languages and see a variety of people from all over the world – and all of this in the space of ten metres! There has been a lot of negative press about Bali lately (and in the past) about the way in which Bali has been corrupted by tourism and foreign influence. While the level of impact that tourism has had is undeniable, there are still a lot of excellent reasons for people to visit – and it’s important to look beyond the hubbub of Kuta and Seminyak to enjoy the beauty of this peaceful and engaging nation. After all, there are two sides to every story, and Bali does remain a popular destination for tourists despite the influx of negative foreign press. You need to choose for yourself, and as with anything else if you just scratch the surface a little more, you’ll be rewarded with a great destination for holidays and travel. Let’s take a look at some top reasons why you should visit Bali on your next Travezl adventure.


The locals are really friendly

Bali is a place where the people are really friendly – and if you smile at someone they’ll smile right on back at you! You’ll find that nothing is too much trouble for tourists and people will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable as you move through their lands.

This is in fact one of the reasons why families love visiting Bali. Friendly locals, beautiful beaches and plenty of family friendly hotels. The best hotels for kids in Bali all feature pools, nanny’s and kids clubs.

There’s a lot of incredible culture and heritage

So many people visit Bali for the culture and the heritage – and it’s not hard to see why. There are over 20,000 temples on the island of Bali itself, and there is a huge amount of religious day to day interaction that you’re likely to see and bare witness to. This includes things like monks making their daily rounds to receive offerings, and ceremonies and festivals galore. Traditional Balinese dancing and music are a constant fixture in daily life no matter where you go which means that it’s easy to immerse yourself in that way of life.


It’s a very beautiful place to go

When you step away from the crowded streets of Seminyak, you’ll be faced with the stunning green of rice paddies and the beautiful sight of traditional villages. There are volcanoes, lakes, caves, forests and a stunning natural coastline to be enjoyed in Bali as well – with beaches a huge drawcard amongst visitors.


You can shop til you drop

There’s something to be said for the markets and stalls of Bali – and the markets in Kuta and Ubud are a huge drawcard for people who are looking to get a bargain. Some of the goods sold there are truly authentic and some of the other kinds of products being sold there are less than authentic. But as with anywhere else in southeast Asia, if you bargain hard and keep your wits about you, you’ll end up with a product and price you’re happy with.


The surfing is most excellent

As we mentioned before, the incredible coastline of Bali is a huge drawcard for many people – and there’s a reason why. The beaches of Bali are – while crowded – home to some absolutely fantastic surf. If you’re a keen surfer or if you’re a beginner, you’ll find something that will keep you happy and stoked.


No matter what you’re heading to Bali for, you’re bound to find it if you just keep your head and heart open. Don’t shy away from this peaceful island paradise just because of a few bad reports! Bali is a beautiful spot well worth a visit from conscientious and respectful tourists and visitors who are keen to preserve its heritage while promoting responsible tourism.