Glam Up Your Wedding with These Incredible Wedding Décor Ideas


Everybody has a perfect dream for their wedding and most importantly, the wedding décor but most of them find themselves fixed as to which design will make a beautiful wedding décor. Hence, we thought of spilling the beans and letting out our sweet secret about what has been the recent décor trends in the industry. Away from the usual red and gold themes, our designs will leave all your guests jaw dropped as they marvel the tiny details that has just added to the beauty of the designs.



Below are some great ideas for Wedding Decorator’s.

Fresh and Green Wedding Décor

Planning wedding décor during summers can give you some serious nightmares. More so, when you don’t have a hefty budget and you have a venue with no natural beauty then it is best to add some instant freshness to the décor. Go cool and vibrant colors like green or hanging green trees, hanging chandeliers or even floral arrangements which will give the feeling of being outdoors.

Vibrant Wedding décor

India is a country of colors and imagining a wedding without it would be simply impossible. How about bringing in some vibrant colors from Rajasthan. You can pick up some of the popular elements from Rajasthan like puppets, pin wheels, umbrellas and dhols will bring zing to the festive mood. You can even make use of bandhani dupattahs which will add some more color to the occasion. Add some more creativity by painting the clay elephants in bright colors which will take the wedding décor to the next level.

Disco Wedding Décor

If you are thinking of a great disco theme then the best thing would be hang bulbs from the ceilings which will be both glamorous and add some sophistication to the décor. You can add some artificial flowers in golden or any other quirky color which is an age old wedding decoration idea. However, if you are ready to shell out some money then the best thing would be go with fresh flowers whose fragrance is going to fill the ambience with its mild aroma.


Fairy Tale Wedding Décor

Looking for a Cinderella kind of marriage? Add more lights to glam up the venue with something truly dreamy ambience. If you want to add some natural lights go for either scented candles or classic lanterns which is going to lend special wedding charisma to venue. You can even light up the way with countless strings of fairy tale lights which is going to make the entrance like a dream come true.

If you are looking stunning entrances an amalgamation of marigold with traditional looking diyas will add to the aesthetic feel of the entrance. Bring out a tropical feeling with paper lanterns which will make a simple looking arrangement exceptionally beautiful.