Glamping – Camping in Luxury


A new trend is sweeping the camping and nature enthused community…”GLAMPING”! For those that are just catching the trend, glamping is camping in Luxury. Imagine camping under canvas Zion, in a tent, yet laying in a king sized plush bed with 5 star linen, a climate control setting, furniture, high speed internet and of course TV. This scenario is the reason glamping is becoming so popular, you really get to experience that calm rush of feeling close to nature…without giving up the luxury comforts of a great hotel room.


It used to be that in order to experience the great outdoors, you had to either confine yourself to a resort to experience the luxury and not have the closeness to nature, or you had to give up the luxury of the hotel to camp in nature…this has all changed. Now, imagine being able to experience this at one of the most visited National Parks! The Brand New Zion Wildflower Resort is the newest and one of the best glamping experiences to come to Zion National Park in Utah. Better pricing than the other canvas camping areas, and a more picturesque scenery sets The Zion WIldflower Resort apart from all other experiences in the Zion National Park area. 

At the Zion Wildflower Resort, you can glamp in a canvas wall tent, or experience the West like an original Pioneer in a climate control luxury Covered Wagon! The Zion Wildflower Resort was designed, and built with a community mindset with fire pits and games like giant Jenga, horse shoes and Yoga. Amidst the backdrop of scenic Zion National Park mountains, a stay at the Zion WIldflower Resort will be an experience you soon will not forget. 

Zion National Park is the one of the most visited National Parks in the United States. With its SandStone Cliffs, Majestic Waterfalls, and scenery unique to only Zion, it is easy to understand why. What if there was another level that you could experience the National Park on…would you want to try it? The Zion WildFlower Resort looks to be that new experience. 


While Glamping is not a completely new way of camping in Zion National Park, this resort is looking to take the glamping experience to a new level. While other glamping resorts in Zion only offer the experience of sleeping in a Canvas Tent, The Zion Wildflower is introducing several new and exciting ways to enjoy the glamping experience…Yes they still have the option of sleeping under canvas Zion in a tent, but you can also take advantage of sleeping in Covered Wagons, and in Bungalow Suites. 

The Zion Wildflower Resort is one of the most highly anticipated Canvas Glamping Experiences opening this year in Zion National Park. If you have experienced sleeping in a canvas tent in glamping style, now come try it at the Zion Wildflower and see how much better that experience can be! Check out their website, and only for the next month can you get a special Grand Opening Offer! Book your stay at the Zion WIldflower Resort and come experience Zion in the most luxurious glamping fashion.