Glimpse of Antique Writing Desk in History


There was a time when the only medium available to stay connected with the world outside your city or town or village, was by hand written letters and messages. Those were the times when the writing desks where at the center of every household, where reading and writing correspondence was considered most important part of their lives to keep in touch with friends. Just imagine checking and updating your social media page so that you can share your news and views with your friends; and you do all that on either your smart phone or computer. However, writing desks played that same role for centuries.


Importance in the history:

A desk that is at least a hundred years old and has been made into one or the other type of recognized design is considered to be an antique writing desk. They originated sometime around sixteenth century and they were available in different sizes, shapes, and purposes all along the history. In eighteenth century the British gothic styled desk was more popular than their French counterparts. However, it is the Victorian writing desks that are most popular amongst the collectors and other buyers who want to own them an antiquity for their home or office. A lot of writers still prefer to use them over the modern alternatives, as they were not only designed for visual appeal but also for the convenience of the user. Though, it should be mentioned the some of these desks are called antique based on questionable arbitrary naming methods, it is always advised that you look or ask for a certificate of authenticity by an authority or an expert of the field.

How are the desks made?


Most of these desks have a number of drawers normally under the surface of the desk or on the sides along the legs to store all the writing paraphernalia from quills to fountain pens to sand and ink. They also have separate drawers to store writing paper and old letters. Generally, some of the larger desks have cubbyholes that can be further used to organize mails and other useful documents. You can compare these drawers to the archive folders of our email accounts to get a better prospective and understand their importance to whoever was using it. The best part about the design of antique writing desks is the neatness that they provide. Most of them have a semi cover or a flip down cover that shield your actual desk’s top and current work for any preying eyes. At the same time, it makes your desk appear tidy, as most of your correspondence, not in use, can easily be stored in hatches.

Material and design:


Though, most people buy these desks as a piece of antique, as they can be easily displayed at number of places with the house or an office space. The fact that they are generally crafted with the best quality material and by master craftsmen of past centuries is what adds to the appeal. If the desk has genuine and intact inlays like mother of pearl or hand blown wavy glass doors or hard carved ornaments, their beauty and value only increases. They can even be considered as a good investment, just like art pieces.

In case, you are considering an antique writing desk for its investments value, then the first thing that you need to do is to investigate the origin and people who used it, maybe a century or two ago, or for who it was made, and who made it. These facts can add value to your investment. Some of the popular styles are Queen Anne, William and Mary, traditional Jacobean, Louis XV and Louis XVI.