GoBreezie Beach Towel


There is nothing worse than packing up your bag after a long day at the beach only to have the car and bag sprinkled with sand all over. For a long day, it’s been kind of unavoidable, and most people have sort of become used to it. If you’ve been through this kind of struggle before, then you’ll be thrilled to know there’s finally a great solution in the market – the GoBreezie towel.

As you might guess from the name, this towel is completely sand proof. If you’re doubtful, go ahead and bury it in a foot of sand, cover yourself in it and roll around on the beach for a bit just to be sure. Knowing the physics behind it, there’s a fair chance not a single grain of sand is going to get stuck on the towel. So, how does it work, and what’s taken so long?

GoBreezie Beach Towels are stylish – they come in a wide range of patterns and similar symmetrical designs. There is a design available for almost any kind of activity you can think of. Whether you want to enjoy a nice warm summer evening basking on the beach, dry yourself off at the pool, wipe yourself crisp after a tiring yoga session or just keep yourself warm when travelling, there’s a design that caters for that.

So, how does it all work?

The main problem with ordinary fiber like cotton or normal cloth is that once it absorbs water, the water remains inside it. This can only be remedied once all the water has evaporated. Once you’ve wiped off your face and the cotton towel has gotten damp, it’s not very effective for the rest of the body. The same goes for materials like sand and dirt that can very easily get stuck on the surface of the towel. Once they get stuck there, it will take quite some shaking to get them off.

This towel is designed from patented technology dubbed BreezyFiber™ fabric. It’s been created to be as absorbent as possible without really retaining the moisture it absorbs. The end result is something of an unlikely combination. This towel is both absorbent and quick dry; both of which it achieves whilst retaining the overall lightness of the material. It’s both compact and light – perfect for packing and carrying around during travels.

Thanks to the fabric, too, there will be no more struggles involving getting any kind of sand or dirt off the towel. It’s been designed so that you can easily shake off the sand. Most people are surprised to hear that even when the towel makes contact with both water and sand, there’s no overall effect to its effectiveness. It can keep off sand just as easily either way.

Lastly, with each purchase comes a signature bag for packing the towel up in for convenience. If you’re on the lookout for something to gift a friend or family member in the near future, look no further.