Golf Swing Tips – How to Hit a Hybrid Golf Club


Hybrids are one of the best things to have happened to golf in recent years. And once you master how to hit them you will have a highly useful club on your set, and you might never have any use for the long irons again. And although they have been around for a decade now, many golfers still have trouble hitting them despite having at least a couple of them in their set. 

However, hitting hybrids can be quite simple once you master the technique, and this is regardless of whether you are an armature or pro golfer. Check out the four hybrid hitting tips below, and a full set of golf clubs that will blow your mind. 


Tip #1: The Setup

The first step or tip when learning how to use a hybrid is getting the address position correct. Even when swinging the best hybrid golf clubs you need to get the set up right, and this is more so when it comes to the ball position. The right ball position when using a hybrid is just a little forward of where you would have it when using the 3 or 4 irons. Also, aim to have the golf ball just in front of the lowest point of your typical swing arc. And this means that you will want to hit down on the ball instead of scooping it.

The distance between you and the golf ball also needs to change and in most cases, you have to move about an inch away from the ball. You can easily determine how far you need to be by comparing the length of your hybrid with an iron. If the hybrid is an inch longer than the iron, you will need to stand at least an inch further from the ball than you would when swinging the iron.

Tip #2: Swing Easy

Hybrids tend to be longer than most approach-shot clubs and they will be in most cases among the longest clubs in your golf bag. However, the extra length should not be a cue for you to swing hard as hybrids do not work that way. Instead, you should think of them like long clubs that require a smooth swing.

And if you are having trouble with this or always finding yourself swinging the hybrids too fast, try to imagine that you are holding something like a short iron or even a wedge. Hence, you should always swing a hybrid easy if you want to hit far. Even when swinging the hybrid with less than a full sing it still has what it takes to send the balls 200 yards or more.

Tip #3: Keep the Base Narrow

You have to be “narrow-minded” when using a hybrid as you do not need a wide base for a successful hit. As you are setting up for the shot, you should have your feet under the armpits to achieve a narrower stance. Having a narrow stance when using a hybrid will make it easier for you to deliver a descending blow by preventing the somewhat roundness that can lead to thin or fat shots.

Tip #4: Avoid Lifting at Impact

If you are still having trouble with your hybrids even after getting the swing and posture right the problem might be with what you do on impact. Just as you would when swinging a long iron, a hybrid requires hitting down on the golf ball and then making a full extension as you go through the hit. Also, it is okay and completely acceptable to make a divot with hybrid shots, and many golf experts and professionals will even encourage it.

With these four tips and a little practice on and off the course, you should be able to swing a hybrid like a pro in no time and get the best out of it. You can also check Golf Treasury to find the best golf club or just a simulator to play.