How Good is an Idea of Property Restoration?


Property restoration can add value to any home or commercial building. The restoration should be in sync with the architectural style of the structure as long as the foundation and walls are strong.

The first requirement is to determine the cost of the restoration and the time involved in making improvements. This can be determined by consulting any of the builders in Auckland. If the cost of the restoration is less than its added value to the property, it is definitely a good idea.

Restoration can involve a new roof, a room addition in the same architectural style or a complete rebuilding of the property in areas that were damaged. (A restoration project may be covered, at least in part, by insurance for property damage.)

Historic homes and buildings are often in demand, but many parts of old buildings deteriorate with age. The old farmhouse may need a new roof or a Victorian era townhouse needs new windows and doors. Materials used to restore the building inside or out should be as close to the original product designs with added energy efficiency whenever possible.

The project may involve restoring a kitchen or other rooms using the original materials such as cabinetry or brickwork. Wood, brick and stone floors often need to be restored.


Paint stripping wood

Taking paint off of old wood is a time-consuming process. Paint stripping wood is one way to start a restoration project on an older wood building with siding or on interior areas. The project should be broken down to one area, room or wall at a time.

You may find that interior wood needs to be restored. This is often the case with kitchens, libraries and bathrooms. You can strip paint off of old cabinets, window sills and doors to repaint or varnish them. In many cases, you may find good wood beneath layers of old, peeling paint.

Old wood is worth saving whenever possible. The wood may have been harvested from old growth forests that are no longer available. This wood is often better quality than wood products currently offered for sale. Consider varnishing or coating the wood with modern products to preserve and enhance the natural look of old wood. This is an alternative to new paint.

There are many chemical paint removers on the market. It is important to find the remover that works the best on interiors or exteriors. Many of the removers use harsh chemicals and have unpleasant odours that are dangerous, especially indoors.

You may be able to apply coats of paint stripping solvents outside using a sprayer. You must be covered with protective clothing and goggles.

Furniture, doors and mounted cabinetry should be stripped by hand. Wear gloves and follow the product’s directions. Keep the room well ventilated. A fan may be necessary. Cover everything you don’t want stripped.



A renovated hardwood floor can add value to any building or home. Restoring a wood floor to highlight the wood grain can be done by professional flooring installers.

Rotted wood planks can be replaced with new ones that are “distressed” to match the original used wood. The floor can be finished and coated to last for many years.

Stone and brick floors and outside walk paths can also be restored. Broken tiles, bricks and cobblestones can be replaced. This applies to countertop areas and fireplaces as well. New tiles in an old kitchen or bathroom can reflect the traditional design of a room yet add new colour.


Take many before, during and after photos of your project to document the changes and improvements to the property. These photos demonstrate your pride in your work and the finished product.