Gorgeous DIY Paper Doily Crafts That Will Take Your Breath Away


Hey there DIY lovers! In this article I’m going to share with you some easy-to-make DIY crafts that you would like to make anytime soon to decorate your home in a cheap way. You don’t always have to spend tons of money for something to look great, but sometimes you just have to think creatively. The doilies have been a part from every home decor, and now they seem to have gone away. But here are the paper doilies which have a more contemporary feel. Scroll don’t and see the Gorgeous DIY Paper Doily Crafts That Will Take Your Breath Away. The paper doilies can be used in some pretty amazing ways in interior design, so check out the photos below and get inspired. I’m sure that you are going to be amazed with the array of possibilities that exist out there, so don’t miss them all!

If you love pumpkins and you want to make them a part from your home, paint the paper doilies with gold spray and stick them on the pumpkins. They will look stunning when combined together!

Image via diycraft.org

You can also use the paper doily to decorate the ring that will hold the napkin or the fork and the knife.

Image via creativebrides.co.uk

Another interesting design that you can make are the flowers. For this craft you need branches and paper doilies. This DIY project can be done withing 5 minutes max. How do you like it?

Image via gallerily.com

If you use the mason jars as flowers vases, give them a completely refreshed look by decorating them with the doilies.

Image via ideastand.com

Has it ever occurred to you that with the help of doilies you can make yourselves a fascinating pendant light? If you want to create a wow effect in your room, you should seriously consider making this project. You have to use a balloon, and I bet that the process is familiar to you!

Image via coolcrafts.com

Create pendant flower cones and make the ambiance in your room playful and cheerful. It’s a decor idea that it’s not very common, so your place is going to stand out from the rest of the homes for sure!

Image via souvenirmacristina.com

The paper doilies can make your home look extraordinary for very little money. You can make some lovely chandeliers that will take the breath away of the people who come to visit you.

Image via thesweetestoccasion.com
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Image via marthastewartweddings.com

You can even use the doilies to give character to your cupcakes. If you want them to look much better when you serve them to your guests, decorate them with the paper doilies.

Image via beadandcord.com

What do you think about adding a gentle touch to your front door? Set the tone for the rest of the house with the amazing doilies! You are just a few steps away from this gorgeous wreath!

Image via tr.weddbook.com

So, how are you going to use the paper doilies in your home decor? Which of the DIY projects is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!