Great Holiday Gift Suggestions For Kids That Don’t Cost the Earth


The holiday season is a time of joy, wonder, and magic. Nothing is as exciting for a child to wake up during Christmas morning rushing to see all the gifts wrapped and waiting for them beneath the tree. However, for a parent, the holidays can also become a time of unnecessary stress, as children’s wish lists seem unending — plus the fact that the prices of toys are more and more expensive each year.

You may feel like there’s no good option available — either you break the bank stocking Santa’s sack, or leave your child heartbroken when they don’t get exactly what they’ve been asking for. You might not even afford the pair of icon shoes you’ve been eyeing for weeks. Don’t fret though. There are plenty of great gift ideas available that can keep your kids happy and entertained that doesn’t cost a fortune. With these inexpensive gift ideas, it will leave you more room to buy the things you want for yourself too.

For the artsy child

If your son or daughter can’t get enough of crayons and pencils, consider purchasing them an all-in-one art set that has watercolour paints, oil pastels, coloured markers and crayons. Combine this with complimentary gifts such as a black covered spiral sketch book with rich, thick paper that will make them feel like a professional.

Children’s easels can be purchased online relatively cheap, and add a big wow factor the morning of Christmas, already assembled and topped with a bow. How to knit kits, as well as Play-Doh or some a kid’s pottery wheel, as well as some colouring books, are other options to consider.

For the reader

Children who love to read are generally very imaginative. They love to tell stories and play pretend as well. So apart from picking up some new books (here’s a list of 25 recommended for kid’s in 2014), focus on some items that will inspire them to exercise their imagination and help them create their own stories. A nice notebook with some pretty pens is a great idea for those learning to write. One with totally blank pages could be their own storybook in the making, and a fun project the two of you could do together that would also help them improve their penmanship and increase their literacy. For pretend, little ones tend to love puppets and many in the form of their favourite animals and classic fairy tale characters.

For the little athlete

Rambunctious kids bursting with energy can’t get enough of football, basketball, or just bounding around as much as possible need gifts that keep them active and stimulated. For toddlers, there are plenty of inexpensive pop up tents, tunnels, and plastic slides that can help bring the fun of the playground into your living room. Older kids with a lot of energy have a hard time sitting still during board games, so the key to a successful family night is to choose a game that will keep them on their feet. Games like Yoga Pretzels will bring loads of fun. Of course, some sports merchandise that represents their favourite team is always a great go-to idea for budding athletes.