Green Plumbing Tips


Going green is a popular notion in the current economic climate. But it is also a good idea for anyone that is environmentally aware. You can actually save yourself money while saving the planet!

Fortunately it’s not as hard as you think to go green, simply follow these tips:

Get A Plumber

The first thing you need to do is to contact the Plumbing Detectives and have your existing plumbing checked. This will ensure you are not wasting water or have a leak which will ruin your green efforts.


Any pipe that moves hot water round your home needs to be insulated. If it isn’t then you’re losing heat and costing yourself money. To compensate for this heat loss you’ll need to increase the temperature of the water at your boiler; increasing the damage your heating appliance does to the environment.

In addition insulation will reduce the condensation which can start to corrode your pipes and end their live prematurely.

A Water Filter

Don’t waste money on bottled water you can purchase a pitcher with a filter in, an under counter water filter or even a whole house system. This will ensure you have clean and safe water without spending funds on bottled water.

In addition not purchasing bottled water will reduce the need for plastic bottles that damage the environment when they are made.

Replace The Tank

Storing hot water in a tank is an expensive and not the most environmentally friendly solution. Although a tankless water heater is a more expensive option in the long term you will save this money and more; while helping the environment.

A tankless water heater heats the water as you need it; there is no need to keep it warm in case you want it.

Reduce Consumption

All the plumbing tips and tricks in the world will not help you save money or the environment unless you are taking steps to reduce your consumption of water.

Simple things like turning the tap off when you brush your teeth or wash your hands can save hundreds of liters a year.

You can also reduce the length of your showers and add aerators to your faucets.  This will all help to save you money.

Plumbing Materials

Copper pipes are one of the most commonly used plumbing materials but this does not mean they are the best or the only option.

Consider using plastic pipes. They will last much longer and are less likely to corrode. Providing you choose a pipe that has been made in a sustainable way you’ll actually be helping the environment while giving yourself peace of mind and saving money long term.

Eco Mode

If you take a look at your washing machine and dishwasher you’ll probably find an eco mode. This is the setting you should use whenever possible. You can assess the water savings yourself by checking your meter reading at the start of the month and the end.

You’ll be surprised at how much difference eco mode can make.