Growing Your Legal Practice with a Law Firm SEO Company


The internet revolution has impacted nearly all business sectors and verticals under the sun. The legal profession has always managed to distinguish itself from other professions in adept ways, but technology has leveled the playing field for everyone.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us exactly how some businesses thrive by adopting technology to cater to consumers. Similarly, the way people zero in on legal services has also changed. They have the capability to compare law firms with ease online and arrive at a conclusion based on their interactions with lawyers alone. And, a large percentage of this consumer bracket now actively search for absolutely everything on their smartphones, including the best legal services available to them nearby. 

Hence, it is important to think of your firm’s website as a physical store, where the content has as much value as a real store and user experience can be the sole basis for a successful contract or not. This is where an SEO provider comes in. In a way, they can optimize your site to attract more traffic, thus leads and more clients.

So, how does a law firm SEO company make your site rank high on Google and help you grow your practice? 

Target the Right Keywords

Following a standard law firm SEO guide, an SEO agency will conduct keyword research for you. The general rule of thumb—the more specific the nature of your keywords, the higher your chances of finding legitimate leads online. As a legal practitioner, you should have a special appreciation for specificity, so this partnership can be called a match made in heaven. 

To arrive at the most appropriate keywords for your service, you can start by using location-specific keywords like “lawyer service in Chicago”. Then, add the nature of services your firm specializes in. For instance, if your firm mainly deals with corporate disputes, your keyword could become “corporate law service in Chicago”, or “corporate lawyers in Chicago”.  The best law firm SEO agency should be able to determine keywords that accurately describe your firm. 

Ultimately, it is up to your SEO agency to keep testing and trying out different permutations and combinations of the top-performing keywords and perform constant site analysis.

Optimize Your Website


A significant share of clients is going to make a decision based on their impression of your website. In fact, they would decide whether to use your services or not depending on their experience while they are navigating your site. After all, your site should be an appropriate representation of how your firm works. This is another reason why you should follow law firm SEO best practices with the help of experts.

A well-designed and optimized website is one that is easily navigable, to the point, responsive, and aesthetically pleasing. A large amount of content goes into designing a website, but you must ensure that all these pieces of information are structured in an organized way so that your visitors, who are potential clients, will be able to navigate your website with ease and find the information that they are looking for. You can achieve all of these by hiring a law firm SEO company to develop your site. 

Examine Your Competition’s SEO Plan

Assuming you now have a set of keyword phrases ready to test out in the market. It is important to track the analytical components, like how many organic clicks a particular keyword has directed to your website, and make suitable adjustments. 

With the help of experts, you can use these very keywords to see how many of your competitors show up above you on the Google search engine results pages (SERPs). Keeping in mind that Google ranks every website based on relevance, try to figure out how they are ranking.

Maybe their websites are easier to navigate or maybe they are more mobile-friendly than yours. By covering your bases, you can improve your website to be better-suited for conducting business. 

Start a Blogging Page

A blog is important in boosting your firm’s online presence. It helps deliver your messages to a wider range of audiences.

However, your blog should not be limited to only contain written texts. It should also incorporate the important components a good article should have, such as appealing graphics, videos, animations, subheadings, relevant and quality links, metadata, and powerful calls to action. 

Of course, you should publish relevant and fresh content. You can also revamp your existing articles. There are numerous benefits to updating your blog regularly. For one, it ensures your site falls in with Google’s algorithms, which prioritize websites with fresh content. 

If you find yourself looking for inspiration in terms of what to write about, you can use Google Analytics with your chosen law firm SEO company. It provides you with valuable information, such as how many lawyer service-related search queries have been made by users in your area in the past month. Ultimately, you can come up with topics relevant to these keywords. The next time users search for them, there will be a good chance they will land on your website. 

Keep Your Site Up to Speed with Google Algorithms

One of the ways Google keeps the playing field level is by constantly updating its algorithms. In 2020 alone, several groundbreaking updates were rolled out by Google that encouraged SEO managers to switch up their marketing plans just a tad bit. To succeed in getting high volumes of organic clicks, you must constantly keep up to date with the search engine giant’s algorithms. You should be flexible to change your marketing plans based on these subtle changes. 

Hiring reputable law firm SEO services is a great way to stay ahead of the curve.

Final Thoughts


To ensure that you are generating the results you want, it is best to hire an SEO agency that is experienced in helping law firms grow their business. Check out their portfolio, read reviews, and ask your colleagues for the best recommendations that they might have.

With the best SEO partner, you will be able to improve your firm’s visibility in organic searches and boost your chances of reaching potential clients, while decreasing expenses on marketing your practice.

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