Hair Psychology: What Does Your Hair Say About You


Whatever anybody may think or say, hair matters. Moreover, your hairstyle can make a huge difference, sometimes affecting even your entire life. After all, it has a significant effect on your style. Your hairstyle can help you get the job you want or a date with the person you like. Why? Because your hair says a lot about who you are.


Hair length, colour, even type – all these can define you as a person. And it’s not just a groundless statement. Nowadays, whatever your hair looks like is the consequence of your choice. Whether you colour it or not, the way you style it or not, cut your hair in the salon or at home (by the way, if you do, remember about getting professional hairdressing scissors online) – everything can reveal something about your personality. 

Wondering how? Read on to learn more about the way people may see you because of your hairstyle.

You Care About Business

As mentioned above, your hair can say a lot about your style. For instance, if a woman wears sleek, high ponytails, she looks like an organised and professional person. Simple, yet elegant, fixing such a hair takes little time in the morning, allowing you to start with your tasks straight out of bed. At the same time, you seem like a person who knows what they do – both with their hair and life.

Tidy bobs (or bobby-pinned hairdos) are another trait of goal-oriented people that don’t require much effort. They look polished, yet they’re incredibly simple to style. You can also amplify the businesswoman if you’re a brunette, or colour your hair in darker shades. Such colours may indicate that you’re very ambitious and value hard work (but that’s not proven).

You Enjoy Freedom

If you value freedom and liberality or prefer a free-spirited lifestyle, most often, your hair will be the first things to give it away. Whether you’re digging long beach waves or rocking a head full of bouncy curls, your only care is your hair. Hard to manage (you probably use the curly girl method and various styling products), it looks beautiful even when not perfect. 

And it’s the way many people see yourself, except that you’re always perfect the way you are. You probably try to look for the best in people; you value love, friendship, and like to have some fun. Oh, and if you’re red-headed, it’s probably double fun, double freedom, and a double number of jokes about princess Merida from Brave.

You Love Cosiness (or Creativity)

A messy top knot bun that looks too unfinished, air-dried hair, knitted accessories – all those can give you a cosy vibe. It shows that you probably don’t spend much time in front of the mirror, but definitely enjoy sitting in a small café with your friend, drinking coffee or wine, talking about Pride and Prejudice or Hunger Games. Chances are, you’re a romantic soul, and you prefer comfortable places as well as comfortable conversations.

And if you wear accessories in your hair, or colour it bright (even if it’s just a few strands), most people will see you as a creative and open-minded person. It shows that you want to express your artistic nature, an original vibe that doesn’t allow you to hide in the grey mass.

You’re a Perfectionist

You love lots of layers and dig high-maintenance hairstyles? You’re probably a perfectionist who needs their hair to look just right all the time. By straightening curls or curling your straight hair, you don’t only want to change something in your life. You want to always be in control. But hey, is being a perfectionist bad if your hair looks fantastic?

You’re All About Common Sense

You know that hair isn’t that important, but it can make a difference, so you care about it – just not as much as other people do. You’d probably spend more time making an excellent breakfast in the morning than making up your hair, so you go for low-maintenance cuts. A medium-length wash-and-go style, (super) short cuts, basic braids – most likely, you don’t want to fuss over anything, including your hair.

It also often means you’re a good thinker and value logic, not emotions. Chances are, you’re also very direct and just want to get things done. 

Final Thoughts

Your hair plays an essential role in the kind of message you’re trying to send. Depending on how you cut, style or colour it, people may see you as bossy or romantic, creative or logical, easy-going or perfectionist, etc. And now that you know what your hair tells other people, how do you feel about it? Maybe it’s time for a change?

Before you call your hair salon, though, there’s something else you need to know. You’re the person who should like your hair. It doesn’t matter what other people may think of you – if you love yourself and your hairstyle, it’s the world that should adapt to your style, not you.