Hairstyles to Elevate Your Office Look


Let’s face it: coming up with a decent office hairstyle at 6am on a Monday morning is as inspiring as reading privacy terms and conditions while making a 600th email account because, once again, you forgot your eBay password.

Even though, as any other person in the world, you probably hate going to work, you still need to look decent, but that doesn’t mean you should spend hours on doing your hair. Here is the list of extremely simple yet super easy-to-make, work-appropriate hairstyles.

The messy bun

This is probably the most popular casual hairstyle that we can never do right when we set our hearts on it, but we nail it when we don’t put any effort in it. Updos are great during summer months because who can put up with all that hair hanging down right?

Finally, here is how to achieve this cool Boho work-appropriate hairstyle.

    • If you want a high bun, make a high ponytail and if you want a low bun make a low ponytail. Do not worry about strands that fall out because this is, as you know, not a sleek look.
    • Divide your ponytail into three sections and backcomb each of them – by backcombing you will give your bun a dramatic volume.
  • Finally, make round knots from the sections one by one and secure everything with a few bobby pins and take off some strands around the ears if you want a messier look.

Side Dutch braid

Braids are something that is always popular and suitable for any occasion. This particular look is extremely popular lately. However, it needs some practice, patience and concentration – do not try doing it if you overslept.

    • Make a parting on a side you prefer.
    • Divide it into three sections and start braiding the normal way from the front of your forehead but in reverse order (start off with the back section and take it downwards instead of upwards and then, bring the front one again from the downwards).
    • Keep taking small sections of hair from the front and the back-braid sections (kind of like when you are doing a French braid) and do that until you reach your ear.
    • Tug the sections of the braid apart but be careful not to pull any hair from the braid itself.
  • Finally, loosen it up some more and voila.

Twist back

This is a super easy look that seems a lot harder to be done and it is also really stylish and sophisticated.

    • Part your hair way more than usual and take two sections of it from one side.
    • Cross one over another while you are adding little strands from the front section periodically.
  • Twist it diagonally until you reach the back of your head where you’ll secure it with a hair clip, and do the same thing with the other section.

Slicked back half-updo

Minimalistic, work-appropriate and extremely sexy, this hairstyle is mega popular and perfect for women with longer hair that is either thick or fine and straight. There are four easy steps for achieving this look.

  • If your hair isn’t completely straight, you will have to use a flat iron over the ends. After that, apply a strong holding hair gel on the front sides of dry hair and slick back all of your face-framing hair.
  • Section off the hair from your temples in a horseshoe shape and clip it up off the way.
  • Smooth back the sides (above your ears) of your hair using a toothbrush which is soaked in a super strong hairspray like Osis from Schwarzkopf and secure them on each side with bobby pins.
  • Let the clipped section down and smooth the back of it with a comb to hide the pins. Finish it all off with some more hairspray to make sure everything stays in place and you are good to go.

High and rich ponytail

Making ponytails like this can be pretty tricky. Here is how to achieve this voluminous updo.

    • To achieve maximum volume, you might want to curl your hair first.
    • Divide it into two sections horizontally, take the upper section and tie it into a little ponytail.
    • Next, make another ponytail with the bottom section.
  • Tie them together with one elastic and tease the top section up a little bit for some extra volume.

Not only will it look cool, but it will also make your hair seem a lot longer and thicker.

Vixen ponytail

Extremely versatile look that can be achieved in just a few minutes. Here is how.

    • Take a left part of your hair, move it on the right part of your head and secure it with three bobby pins that form a straight line along the center.
    • Twist the hair from the left part of your head and secure it with bobby pins.
  • Use some extra bobby pins to secure everything properly and you are done.

That would be it. The ultimate list of coolest office hairstyles. How do you like them? Let us know in the comment section below.