Hairstyles To Combat The Signs Of Thinning Hair


Thinning hair is something that can be challenging for many, not only can the hair begin to break during this time, but it can also begin to fall out around the hairline. This can present personal struggles to the individual and then leading them to choose a procedure such as an affordable hair transplant to combat this. Here, we are going to look at a number of different hairstyles that you can use to combat the signs of thinning hair.


Shorter Bob

One of the best hairstyles that you can have to hide a receding hairline, particularly in women, is a shorter bob. Not only will this give the hair much more volume, but it also helps to layer the hair and hide the key signs of a receding hairline. This is key as particularly in women, because this can have more of a knock on their self-esteem. By layering a much shorter bob you can keep your hair manageable whilst having the style that you want.

Clean Shave

If you are a man experiencing a certain level of hair loss, then it may be beneficial for you to be completely clean shaven. Not only will this remove the visible effects of a receding hairline, but it could also start a new chapter in your life. Although it can seem like a drastic measure to go through just to cover a hairline, this is a bold choice that will take you completely out of your comfort zone, if you are looking to try something new.

Mid-length Cuts

If completely shaving your head doesn’t sound like something you want to try, then a mid-length haircut may be beneficial for you. Not only is this flattering on men, but it can also be flattering on women when cutting in bangs or even a side swept fringe. This will help to flatter your face shape as well as ensure that the receding hairline seems reduced as a result. This is present in styles that are on trend at the moment such as asymmetric bobs and a long bob all of which look stunning on a range of different face shapes.


Another way that both men and women can hide the signs of a receding hairline is through cutting layers into the hair. Whether this is then swept backwards and gelled in place for a typical men’s style, or you are a woman looking for a slightly more textured look with your long hair, the choice is completely up to you. This is perfect for those looking to hide the signs of hair loss as it gives the hair texture without accentuating the hairline.

The Comb Over

Another way that men can hide the hairline is by opting for a comb-over. This style takes the hair and pulls it back allowing you to cover any baldness that may take place at the back of the head whilst showcasing the hairline at the front. This is vital as this will help to reduce the effects of the hair loss, allowing you to feel far more comfortable throughout your everyday activities. By using a simple gel, you can have the hold and the style that you want without the need for a style of cut. Although it may take time to move your hair in this direction, it will be highly beneficial for you in the long term.

Whichever hairstyle you choose to help cover your receding hairline, you can be sure to have a result that perfectly complements your face shape as well as the style of hair that you have made, this the perfect choice for you and the current state of your hair loss.