Half and Half Saree


Women love to wear sarees for different occasions. This nine yards of elegance can create beautiful fashion sagas, every time you drape it around you. The beauty of the saree is, it can be beautified with different innovative versions and the latest to join the bandwagon is the half and half sarees. Half and half sarees are traditionally called “Langa Voni” and both young girls and women wear it with aplomb.

A half and half saree are particularly popular during the festive occasions. The half and half saree resemble a lehenga choli. The base is in one color and the pallu a different color, this is what gives it the fashionable twist. Half and half sarees come in uber chic avatars each one distinctive in its own unique beauty. You can have a look at the designer half and half sarees online, which has some pretty neat designs to drool over. Shop a wide variety of half and half sarees online and look gorgeous in its resplendent look.

The Sarees are Divided into two Parts

The Pleats: This part is twirled around the waist and is usually in one different color from the pallu.

The Pallu: The pallu, is another part of the saree that is draped around and is in completely different color.

The two colors used in the pallu and pleats is bold and the concept of color blocking is used here where two contrasting colors are fused together to form one unified whole.

 Style and Variety of Half and Half Sarees

You will often spot half and half sarees in contrasting shades such as pink and green, red and black, purple and yellow,  royal blue and fuschia, the works. The fabrics used are as varied as it is different such as net, art silk, faux georgette, crepe, viscose, faux chiffon, brass and even velvet. The colors are as bold as the textures are soft, complementing each other beautifully. The beautiful textures, the gorgeous hues, the intricate embroidery and the stunning patchwork, each gives the half and half sarees the unique touch.

5 types of Half-half saree – Look Beautiful in Stylish Half and Half Sarees

Looking good is so so effortless in half and half sarees, you don’t believe me? Check it out here,

  • The Kalis styled half saree

You can find this saree in a half and half fabric mode the pallu separated from the base lower in a distinctive cut pattern form giving it a part saree part lehenga look. Here the shoulder drape comes in net or georgette and the lower drape has a pre-stitched pleat form in a separate fabric to that of the saree.  It is a much sought-after style for wedding and other such formal occasions.

  • The Panelled half and half saree

This kind of saree uses different fabrics and colors and the concept of half and half saree looks most beautiful here, where the pallu is styled differently and the lower drape is styled differently with horizontal panels, using different fabrics and colors.

Sometimes the panels are adorned with heavy embroidery and give it a full-on glam party look. The pleats are added to the horizontal panel to give a super beautiful look.

  • Normal half and half saree

A normal half and half conception sari can be crafted to perfection using pretty textured fabrics such as Chifley net in pallu and georgette are used in the drape. The pallu and the pleats are separated with different colors and embellishments. Nets can be combined with other fabrics such as jute jacquard or brocade giving it an ornate royal look.

  • Cutwork concept half and half saree

Ethnic saree wearers can take heart from the fact that the half and half sarees look fetching and pretty in all its varied avatars. You can adorn it with dainty motifs and use different embellishments to segment the pallu and the pleats. The fabric, the fall, the textures all add to its mesmerizing beauty. The cutwork cuts a pretty picture and looks resplendent.

  • 3 Sectional half-half saree

This includes the concept of fusing three sections in one fabric, colors or styles that is three different sections in one saree.  The lower drape has a patli section in one style and then comes the draping part, this is the 2nd section and the third is the pallu or the shoulder drape section. You can easily find this in georgette sections. This includes different types of designs such as floral, solid colors and also stripes.

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Gone are those days when you had to choose from among just a few options. Now, there are just too many choices to choose from. Select the one that catches your fancy the most, whether it is the embroidery or the extraordinary colors or just the distinctiveness of the saree. Pair your saree with the right blouse. When it comes to the blouses the quirkier the better, whether it is the sleeves or the shoulders, they are each different from one other and equally pretty. The age-old blouses are passe’, it is time now to reprise and refresh your old wardrobe and add something unique to it. Give your half and half sarees a wonderful makeover by adding the right accessories and the right blouse.