Halloween costumes ideas


Halloween is coming and COVID-19 is here, but that doesn’t stop us to have fun and celebrate this Holiday with our family and friends and have fun. The most important part of this holiday is the costumes. What kind of costume are you going to wear this year? Here are a few costume ideas for you.

Superheroes costumes

Who doesn’t love to be a superhero? These costumes are trendy every year for kids and for the adults. So grab your cape and go hunting for candy. For example, the whole family can dress up as The Avengers or Justice League. So up, up and away! Superheroes! Go out and save the candy!

Game of thrones characters

Get ready to be a royalty or the mother of dragons. These famous series lit the world with interesting characters – from warrior to kings and queens. There are many characters that you can choose from. So grab your crown and sword and get ready for war for the candy.

Health care heroes

The real heroes of the world, our doctors, and health care providers. They are saving the world every day. Dress together as doctors and nurses and also someone can dress as a patient. Make your home a hospital playground or play as doctors who are saving the world from COVID-19.

Disney characters

The all-time classic, Disney characters, from princesses to mouses. There are tons to choose from. Mickey, Minnie, Elsa, Snow White, Evil Queen, or you can come to the dark side and get your red lightsaber, Darth Wader!

Glow in the dark skeletons

The spookiness comes when you dress as a skeleton and they are pretty popular for Halloween. You and your family or friends can wear skeleton pajamas that glow in the dark and you can have fun also in your house and stay safe from the COVID-19.

Hot dogs and condiment

Going for a trick or treat with your kids? Give them the center of attention with dressing them as hot dogs and you can be a condiment like ketchup and mustard. It is a fun costume and you will definitely stand out. But beware of the hungry kids. You may want to give them candy.

Stranger Things characters

This is a very famous show that is showing on Netflix these past years and teens and adults love it. You and your friends can dress up as the main characters of this show and look cool and as if you came from the eighties. Show the other ghosts and aliens who are the bosses!

Cleaning inspired costumes

You can go all crazy and dress up as a mop or a rug and any cleaning products. This is super weird and fun! And also, you can make a hand sanitizer costume and destroy the germs and protect people from COVID-19. It will be interesting that someone has dressed as a hand sanitizer. With this, you will remind everyone to use it because it is a very important part of our lives these days.

Witches and pumpkins

The iconic costumes for Halloween are witches and pumpkins. There is the most famous mask and they represent Halloween itself. That’s why we are wearing witch hats and carving pumpkins each year. If you decide to wear this classic costumes, you will never miss.

Safe Halloween


This year it will be difficult to have the whole Halloween experience, but the most important is to stay safe from the COVID-19. Make sure to wear masks, keep your distance, and avoid trick or treating in groups. Keep an eye of your little kids and teach them to not touch their face with their hands. Stay safe and Happy Halloween, everyone!