Halloween spooky decorations ideas


The spooky holiday is close and it is time to prepare your home with scary decorations. Get ready to be spooky and create that atmosphere by decorating your house. We are giving you some ideas for incredible Halloween decorations.


Morgue drawer door

Start with your front door, and create a morgue-like atmosphere. Use a foam, color it with a black or grey spray, and cut it in the shape of a morgue door. When finished, attach it to your door. Make a few coffins from a black paper and write morgue on them. Attach them on the top of your door.

Backyard cemetary


Very classic decoration for Halloween is a backyard cemetery. You will have that creepy atmosphere in your backyard, and kids will love it! For grave use cardboard and paint them in gray, like an aging stone. Let them dry, write something on them, and put them in your yard. You can also create a pathway with the tombstones.

Looking trees


If you have a tree in your yard, make it look alive. Put two eyeballs to look like it’s staring at the people who walk by. Create that by having two white balls or balloons and get a black and white piece of paper and cut circles. Glue them into the balls in the shape of an eye and hang them on the tree facing the pathway. It will look spooky!

Giant spiders

If you are planning to get spooky all the way this year, you better use spiders. Get a black piece of paper and cut them in the shape of a spider. Put them outside or inside in a DIY web.

Black cat pumpkins

Create a black cat from pumpkin, by putting a smaller one on top of a bigger and paint them in black. Underneath the small pumpkin, put a candle or light, and don’t forget to carve up the eyes. With this, you will make black cats. It is known they are associated with witches, thus representing Halloween as well.

Specimen jar

If you have leftover empty jars, you can use them for Halloween decorations. Place them on your table and create a spooky vibe. Fill the jars with water or some food coloring. To get a more spooky look, make eyeballs or body parts.

Halloween banner

Making a Halloween banner is another way to add the festive decoration inside your house. Use bats, skulls, ghosts, vampires for a spooky garland. Leave a message with your garland to have a spookier impact.

Eerie room

Get white sheets to cover your furniture. Place cobweb on the wall and candles on the tables. In addition to that, you can smear the mirror and make it look creepier like nobody is living in the house. Place on the table a dining set filled with candy and also sprayed with a fake spider web.

Halloween pinata


Piñatas are the best sweets for kids on Halloween. Place some candy into an orange balloon. Wrap the balloon tight and hang it in the house or your backyard. This will be a fun trick or treating for everyone.

Safe and fun Halloween

This year we have been attacked by the COVID-19 and that made most festivities postponed or limited. Keep your social distancing and hygiene in check. Use masks, gloves, and a hand sanitizer is a must. With all that in check, you are ready for trick or treating. Happy Halloween everyone!