Hamlet of Scopello


Introduction to Scopello

Scopello is a very tiny village on the coast which lies between the resort town of Castellammare del Golfo and the fishing as well as the Zingaro Nature Reserve. 

The coastline consists of the Lo Zingaro Nature Reserve, which was created in 1981. This stretches along the coast for 7 kilometers between Scopello and San Vito La Capo. This is a major attraction for those who are walkers as well as bathers. Natural outdoor swimming pools on the face of sea are the main attraction for tourists.   

The Sicilian coastline is dotted with villas all over as well as developments by the seaside. This part is pretty much well-conserved by standards and image as a construction-happy island.

The rocky coasting includes pretty and attractive stretches as well as there is a green hillside nearby. The Sicilians from far away come to this particular place to enjoy the heavenly beauty of the landscape of the sea bathing.

Scopello is a plateau that is above sea-level. However, it is within the walking distance of the shore which is below it. Scopello Trapani got popular due to the significance it held and the scenic beauty. 


One of the few settlements of it consists of the Baglio Isonzo. This historic Baglio is attractive for people all over. It is inclusive of attractive little lanes which are a few yards long.  

Baglio was known to be the headquarters of the agricultural estate. It is the heart of the village and one of the focused attractions of the place. The countryside is large and has a lot to offer, including shades from the hot sun, as well as café tables. There are also souvenir shops along with a lot of places to buy drinks and food, as well as ice-cream to beat the heat.

If you focus on the outside of the Baglio Isonzo, you’ll see there is a picturesque water fountain with a trough, which is just around the corner. There are pretty little lanes on the sides, where it is easy to find a couple of hotels as well as restaurants.  

The Tonnara di Scopello 

The village of Scopello is a lot precious and exciting, however the visitors would still not prefer it as a holiday spot if few of the things were overlooked. These include the lies down on the sea below. 

It contains a mixture or combo of mostly manmade as well as natural features that create attractive scenic beauty and little cove. This can be seen in the village. It is also explorable up close, mostly by those who come to swim and sun-bathe. 

The dramatic ‘Faraglioni’ are the offshore rock towers that are known to be within the sea.

Two of the historic defence towers were known to stand composed onto the rocks. Moreover, the Tonnara di Scopello also was closed down in the 1980s. However, whatever remained of it was left for the visitors to wander around and admire the historic attractiveness to it. The old buildings have significance along with the tuna fishing equipment, which is known to be a big part of the culture.

This spot was mainly for the local Sicilians who shared tiny patches of rock and concrete with many others amongst them. 

Moreover, this place has a lot of publicity, especially due to the shooting of popular films like Ocean’s Twelve, and Inspector Montalbano. 


If you’re interested in sightseeing, that wouldn’t take much longer, as this is a place for a slow-paced holiday with attractiveness and beauty. It can be sightseen in a day or two. However, this place does attract a lot of beach lovers, as well as those who lie strolling around and the scenic beauty, is worth seeing.