He Attached PVC Pipe To The Bookcase And Made The Loveliest Playhouse For His Daughter


If you have a daughter and want to surprise her with some playhouse where she can have fun all day long, then you should keep on reading to find how you can easily make one.

The today’s project is about a little grocery store made out of a bookshelf, PVC pipes and fabric. This project is super easy to be done and it definitely won’t cost you much. The first thing to do is to put the PVC pipes together. You will need the following PVC supplies:

  • 4 equal lengths to create a square for the top,
  • 2 lengths for the legs
  •  3” pieces of PVC x2
  • 90 degree connectors x2
  • 2 “T” connectors
  • 4 “U” hooks
Create the awning by joining 4 equal lengths together. Then, use the 90 degree connectors at the top corners and the “T” connectors at the bottom corners. And then, you should make the legs. Simply attach the 3” piece of PVC to the “T'”connector and after that attach the 45 degree connector. Finally attach the leg piece and PVC stand is ready.
Photo via: welcometothemousehouse.com

Once you have put the pipes together, attach the frame to the top of the bookshelf and then the other one to the wall.

Photo via: welcometothemousehouse.com

After that, attach the fabric and the little grocery is finished. And also, attach a piece of plywood to make the shelf of the cash register and fill up the cubbies of the market shelves with play food. Your daughter will love to play in this market you have made on your own.

Photo via: welcometothemousehouse.com

So, how about you surprise your little princess with one such lovely play area?