Health and Fitness: The Best Cities for Exercise in the US


Fitness data shows that some cities in the US take exercise more seriously than others. If you are a fitness enthusiast, then you probably want to consider going to a city where most people are like you. Here, you will quickly know where to order real Winstrol or any other enhancement gear that you need to boost your fitness efforts.

Knowing the best cities for exercise will make your current or future plans to relocate easy. At least, you will have an idea of where you want to be. Without further ado, let us enumerate the best cities in which to live a fit lifestyle in the US.


Madison, Wisconsin

The city of Madison in the US state of Wisconsin has ranked as one of the best cities for fitness numerous times. According to studies, numerous exercise facilities promote a fit lifestyle among its occupants. The city boasts a high number of parks and sports facilities both for the public and institutions. You will often find school kids playing basketball, football or any other sport that is popular in the US. Needless to say, there are also numerous gym facilities scattered around the city. The people here love cycling along the many bike lanes provided on the roadsides.

Washington D.C.

The city is known to bring every muscle into action although it has lately dropped from the top list according to reports. The city government has reserved a lot of resources to maintain the parks and other recreational facilities so that all people can access them. Private fitness centers also do better than those in many other cities. Washington D.C. has a tendency to educate its citizens on the benefits of staying healthy and to share the best ways of maintaining fitness while in the city.


Another city that is known to remain active throughout the year is Minneapolis. According to reports, its citizens are the most active in the US. More than 80 percent of people who live here engage in some form of workout like jogging, brisk walking, gym membership or sports. Amazingly, the reports also show that the city has the lowest number of deaths from heart-related illnesses. With the government focusing on maintaining the public fitness facilities, people here have no excuse not to remain fit at all times.

San Francisco

The people in the Bay Area boast the lowest rate of obesity. Notably, the population here is fond of using mass transit, which means that they will walk for some distance. Only a few would prefer to use their vehicles. The public utilities and sports centers are well maintained to promote a healthy lifestyle at all costs. Health and fitness reports indicate that most people can be seen early in the morning and late in the evening engaging in all sorts of exercises.

Portland, Oregon

With its quickly increasing population, this city is working hard to take advantage of the laid-back personality of its people. Most public parks and sports centers are well maintained. Also, the government is focussing on letting people know what they have at their disposal to ensure that they have a healthy lifestyle. Needless to say, they also have mountainous and coastal regions, which provide an outlet for their health and fitness habit.