Healthy breakfast for additional energy


If you are not a morning person, waking up early in the morning is something challenging for you. However, if you fill your fridge with healthy ingredients that will give you additional energy in the morning is something that can save you. That way you can easily prepare a breakfast that can give you all the energy you need in order to have a productive day. The following are the ingredients that can save your day:


When you are looking for additional energy you surely think about a snack full of reworked sugar. The sugar might be delicious, however his effect is short lasting. That’s why it is better to replace the artificial sweeteners with natural ones. The honey is a good example and solution. You can add a full spoon of honey in oat breakfast or cereals, in a cup of tea, even in a mug of coffee. Have you ever tried to add honey instead of sugar in your coffee? You will surely like it better. It even tastes good with a fruit salad. What is important is to buy a 100% natural honey.



There are plenty of people who don’t prefer fish for a breakfast. However the salmon eaten for a breakfast can give you huge amount of energy for the whole day. This food is rich with healthy stuff. Moreover the great amount of vitamin B gives you a lots of energy. It can even help you deal with the tiredness. Therefore, the next time change the fatty bacon with the healthy salmon.



The eggs are typical and traditional breakfast in a lots of country. This fact isn’t surprising. The eggs are rich with vitamin B and proteins. They help you to deal with the exhaustion. The vitamin B is crucial for the enzymes. It helps them do their job properly. In addition this helps your body to easily convert the food into energy.



The oat is rich with special type of nutritious fiber which reduce the amount of cholesterol. It moreover makes you feel full very soon. It also contains antioxidants which keep the health of the cardiovascular system. If you combine it with milk it will only increase the amount of protein of your breakfast. So this is an excellent solution for a morning energy.



If you don’t like the oat’s flavor, you can just as well change it for quinoa. The quinoa is full of nutrients such as magnesium, manganese and folate. Moreover the glycemic index of the quinoa is very low. It is good for the regulation of the sugar level in your body during the whole day.


Greek yogurt

If you are always running out of time, the Greek yogurt can be a great solution for you. This food is a great source of healthy carbohydrates, fats and proteins, therefore it is good for your body. Moreover this food can easily be combined with other types of food. It goes perfectly well with cereals, fruit even nuts.