Life is too pathetic  especially when we have to face the chilly winters. So, it makes everything too bad. To get rid of such fears, there are lines of world-class heater that can give a nonstop supply of the heated water to give extreme pleasures. So, to make a right decision, only some quick little tips are quite easy.


Before someone buys a tankless water heater, here is a short guide to remember certain things:

  • Size of the heater- the size of the family and the number of the members who will be using it is an important criterion. For a small family, a small one will work well. If one buys a larger one, it will cost a lot.
  • Accommodation- as the heater will be using a large amount of the natural gas, it is important to know that the house’s heating unit is developed in order to avoid risks.
  • Cost- the process of the installation of the heaters that use the natural gas takes a lot of money, so the installation charges must be calculated previously before buying it.
  • Dealing with fluctuating price of the gas-electric bills is much more than the gas bills. But the difference lies here. The electric bills at least remain constant. But, with gas, the prices will be continuously hiking and diminishing. Again, it is important here to calculate the prices before the purchase.
  • Suitable technology– the technology improves with the qualities and will obviously cost more. So, there is no point of sticking with the outdated technologies. Before the choice of such a heater, one must check whether the servicing of the heater will be available in the future or not.
  • Leaking- leaking is quite a problem with some heaters. The repairs that are needed are also quite complicated and costly. So, one needs to go through the reviews of the product before buying them.
  • Annual maintenance fee- the annual maintenance fee will be surely a lesser one if the quality is a good one. When the quality is good, it will require lesser money to repair because the technologies that were available were too updated and will require lesser time


There are a number of branded ones which are the top makers of the water tankless heaters. But, they vary somewhat or the other from each other by some features. Someof the features are as follows:

  • Rheem

This company is a top seller of some of the important types of thetankless heaters. The design patterns are unique and also have a number of settings with itself to be chosen by the users.

These heaters are a wonderful one for the variety of digital services that are installed in it. The designs are great for this heater. The safety features that come intact with the system can be very reliable to the one using it. These can be used in any part of the house like the bathrooms, kitchens, washing machines to anywhere else.

  • Ecosmart

This is a great water tankless heater. The biggest advantage of this heater is the temperatures thatcan be varied up to 37 degrees in extreme cold weathers. Similarly, the rate ofwarming can be varied according to the changing room temperatures.

  • Bosch

It is already a well-known company for the huge implementations in ye field ofelectronics. Though the materials come in the form of a heavy built structure the qualities are too good. There is an easy control of the temperatures and also the polymer encasing of the heaters.


There are some never-ending problems with the heaters. Some of the common problems that one has got to deal with are the following:

  • The minerals built up

usually, the heaters are too prone to build up of the minerals. When there is a development of the scaly minerals it is too problematic to remove it. Later, the removal takes a lot of money and time. So, to avoid the higher costs one must regularly get them checked by a technician.

  • Continuous Warning messages

People have always remarked that several heaters display many warning messages. The venting faults are indicated by “exhaust blockage”. Equipment which comes with a technician is quite a great one to check even a small hole. The “blockage” here refers to the fact that there is something unusual sticking in the vent which does not allow the passage of the water. The blockages can be a greater one. If it is unchecked for a prolonged time, it will lead to contamination.

  • Nagging cold water

Sometimes it so happens that a previous family has used the supply pipes; one may get the cold water. It is important to see that the supply is closer to the place of the need. If the distances are too far, it may lead to the cold water because the heat is already wasted in carrying the water.

  • Replacement

One needs to know that when to replace the heaters. There is a great warranty period for many heaters. But the warranty is not for the lifetime. The “rusty” colored water is a clear indication that the value of the heater is gradually reducing. So, it must bechanged immediately. The replacement is a necessity at this time to avoid the building up of the holes. Production of the rumbling noises is an indication that the device is leaking and may also destroy the device as a whole which may bring accidents with it. So, replacement at the proper time is a necessity.


Here are certain reviews regarding the best natural gas tankless water heater.

There are both positive as well as some negative reviews. No machine can be 100% efficient. Yet checking the efficiency before hand is a must.

Positive reviewsNegative reviews
Some of the best tankless heaters have a regular supply of the hot water and are quite durable in their designs.The installations are quite easy and the precautions that are installed are so good that they can be used by all age grouped. The designs are small and hence require fewer spaces; the cleaning processes are also not complicated. The electronic facilities and the newest technologies have self-diagnostic facilities are an added scope to all of these. So, the installations are quite easy in an overall mannerThere are some of the negative reviews as well, some 0f the spare parts are never available in the markets. The noise of some of the heaters is too annoying. The breakage of the parts takes a huge amount of the replacement. The temperatures of some of the heaters are quite fluctuating and sometimes may result in the uneven supply of the heated water.

The installation of the water tankless heater is so easy that people never get irritated with any of its aspects starting from the time of purchase till enjoying its benefits. So, to make it an easy to go with product one needs to go with some of the top reviewed ones which have the maximum support from the customers. People especially belonging to the colder countries mostly rely on such water heaters to continue their life in a smoothway.