Helpful Guide For Preparing Your Car For A Long Journey


Long journeys are so exciting. Your good experience can easily be turned into a nightmare if you have trouble with your car in the middle of nowhere. A dead battery or an overheated engine can be so frustrating. Therefore, there are a few things that you need to do before you hit the road.Check this complete guide for preparing your car for a long journey that will save you!

Make sure the owner’s manual is handy

Before you hit the road, you have to make sure that you have the owner’s manual with you. It contains some useful information about some unexpected situations that may occur. For example, you can check on how to restart the engine if the battery is dead or how to change a flat tire. If you can’t find your manual, you should download an electronic copy and keep it.

Tires condition

Make a visual inspection of the tires.See for any cracks and  uneven wear. Check the date of manufacture. If the tires are older than 6 years, then they might need to be changed. Also,do not forget to check the spare tire. It should be in perfect condition. Make sure that you have all the tools for changing a flat tire. You can check Kwik Fit  and easily find the perfect tires for your vehicle.

Have a look under the hood

A thoughtful check will be so helpful. See if there is anything irregular. Check for any leaking. Also, make sure that the battery terminals are clean. If you see any damage on the batteries such as cracks of acid leaks, you must replace it. Batteries usually last from 3 to 6 years, so check the expiry date in the manual.  Do not forget to check the belts. If they look worn out or cracked, they should be changed.

Check engine oil

This is a must before heading to a long journey. Every car has an oil change interval recommended by the manufacturer. If the date for the oil change is soon, you can do it before the trip. Note that the engines tend to consume some of the oil. That means that you will have lower levels of oil. And that can be a huge problem, as engines might experience some difficulties. So, make sure you bring the oil with you.

Check the rest of the fluids

The automatic transmission fluid should be checked too. If it is too dark, then it is time to change it. Also, a visual inspection of the engine coolant is a must. The level of the liquid should be somewhere between “low” and “high”. Check for leeks in the cooling system too. If there are any, they should be fixed so you won’t have to deal with overheated engines which can be a huge problem.

Electrical equipment

Make sure all the lights and the rest of the electrical equipment are functional. Check all the lights, wipers and horn. The windshield wipers should be replaced if they don’t do their job properly.