Herbalife Nutrition: Dreaming of a World Full of Healthy People


Obesity is linked to various diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart failure, and stroke. It has become a global pandemic, and people are looking for ways on how they can become healthy. In the United States, a company that was established in 1980 decided to act on the growing number of obese people and encouraged them to shift into a healthier diet. Herbalife Nutrition, a company that manufactures healthy food products, has dominated the industry for more than 30 years. The company is currently headquartered in Los Angeles, California, but they are operating on a global scale thanks to their independent distributors who are located in more than 70 countries around the world. The founder, Mark Hughes, have thought properly about how he could bring healthier food products to the people and prevent obesity from ruining the population. His idea was to make his company adopt a multi-level marketing structure, and it became a huge success. Many people who have seen the effectiveness of the products started contacting him and asking how they can be an independent distributor too.


The company puts a lot of importance to their independent distributors because they are the ones who keep the company going. The distributors are also passionate about bringing health and wellness to the public, and they are doing everything that they can to encourage the people into shifting to a healthier lifestyle. In Coshocton, Ohio, two Herbalife Nutrition independent distributors are making a change as they try to make their community healthier and more physically fit. Rochelle and Dave Byers live in Coshocton, Ohio, and they stated that the people there are not into a healthy lifestyle because of the prevalence of pizza stores and fast food restaurants. The small town is also home to six factories, but half of these factories have already closed their doors, and another one is scheduled to close. The closure of the factories in the small town had a negative impact on the citizens, and most of them started to feel depressed that they would no longer have a place to work for. The gloomy situation in the town also led to a huge number of people who have started forgetting about their physical state, and the number of obese people started to surge.


The two independent distributors started to think about putting up a nutrition club to encourage the people to return to a healthy lifestyle. The nutrition club was established more than seven years ago. Because of the determination of the two independent distributors, the nutrition club grew and more people decided to sign up for their programs. The club served as a support network for the community, and people from all walks of life are traveling to Coshocton, Ohio to join their activities. The nutrition club hosts morning exercises, and other routines that would promote wellness and healthiness, and they are doing all of it every single day to keep the number of healthy people at bay. The changes experienced in Coshocton, Ohio are remarkable, and it happened because of the encouragement from Herbalife Nutrition to promote a world full of healthy people.

The company continues to become a powerhouse when it comes to nutritional products. Herbalife sales and company value is also expected to grow this year, as the company tries to introduce new products. The company also expanded their partnership with the farmers from China, Mexico, and the United States, where most of their raw materials come from. New warehouses and manufacturing plants are also set to open this year, allowing them to expand their business on a global scale and to encourage more people into joining their multi-level marketing business structure.

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