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Construction sites are usually full of loads and have a vast number of machinery and tools. These perilous appliances and devices create a high-risk and hazardous environment for the workers. For the welfare of the workers and laborers, there is a scheme of guidelines. It directs the authorities to follow the radical steps to keep them safe from any threat and uphold their wellbeing from every aspect.

We will help you by keeping your safety and ease assured by providing you a simple checklist of construction site facilities.

Sanitary conveniences

A suitable and adequate sanitary facility must be provided at a workplace to facilitate the workers. The toilets must be well ventilated and sufficient in number for the workers. There must be a proper protocol and check over their hygiene and cleanliness management.

Drinking water and lockers

The workers must always have hygienic water for drinking according to the standards of health. It’s the responsibility of any construction organization to ensure the safety and health of its staff. Besides, to keep their essentials and belongings, they must be provided individual lockers so that they don’t have to worry about keeping their belongings safe elsewhere.

Washing facilities

The washing facility should be provided to the workers to manage their hygiene control and proper and clean clothing. There should be a drying facility available to the workers as well. The washing and changing rooms must prevail over hot and cold water supplies, soaps, detergents, towels, and drying machines. They should have reasonable ventilation and lighting.

For the conventional and established lighting, installation, operations of all the electrical appliances at the construction site, the use of generators is a must. Since the electric supply right from the powerhouses cannot aid in supplying and transferring electrical energy to all the construction sites. Bringing the modern and versatile generators, offers you a variety of generators and supplies. You can even calculate your power and fuel through the efficient calculator given at their site! It would save you a great deal of time!

Facilities for rest

The workers need sound sleep after hours of hard work. The construction site must be designed in such a manner as to offer maximum comfort to the workers. The comfy and relaxing bedding for the workers not only provides them a perfect sleep but also makes them ready for another round of work productively! 

Site Offices and Meeting rooms

Everybody needs a proficient workplace to produce maximum results. Likewise, the construction site has many people belonging to different departments. There are site engineers, architects, managers, and workers doing their jobs together. To perform their duties better, they require offices and meeting rooms where they can make group discussions and plan the structures through different inventories. They can even work till late at night in their safe and secure offices. It is a must to have for the success of any construction plan.

Welcome facilities and entry control

One must keep an eye over the entry and exit points at the construction site, as it is the matter of safety of all the people involved in a project. The organization is duty-bound to build and install entry and exit checkpoints and monitor cameras, respectively. The security guards should always be available and vigilant to avoid any emergency. 

Wheel washing facility

The construction comprises the use of numerous heavy loader trucks, dumpers, excavators, bulldozers, rollers. After their work and operations, they become filled with mud and dirt. Wheel washing systems are made available at the construction site to avoid the contamination and pollution of the public roads. They can mount above the ground, and the utilization can be temporary or permanent. 

They are usually located at the site exit points to ensure service to all the logistics leaving the site. They are of two main types, namely, roller and drive-through.

Off Loading facilities

The offloading of the construction material, machinery, and goods demand great care and handling. For this intricate and sensitive job, heavy-duty machines known as off loaders are a must. Besides, the safety of people involved in the offloading process is also at risk, so one must guarantee a method and appliance that would be highly effective and secure. The use of offloaders gets the job done swiftly and smoothly. Every construction organization is bound to have an offloader.

Waste management and recycling facilities

Since the construction process produces a considerable amount of waste, it is imperative to have a wastage disposal and recycling facility at a construction site. Construction waste also poses a threat to the environment as it includes harmful substances that endanger the land, air, water. Construction waste usually includes concrete, wood, metals, glass, rocks, bricks.

There are several ways to recycle the waste, such as segregating the wood waste and selling it for re-use, segregating the bricks, and re-using them in a building. Recovering the used but precious items and re-using them can save a decent amount of time and money in this regard. A better approach would be to minimize the construction by utilizing old buildings and structures. It would cut the cost, conserve natural resources, and reduce construction waste. 

A canteen facility

A canteen facility is an essential requirement of a construction site, especially the bigger ones. They must be well managed and fully furnished with all sorts of refreshments. It is very crucial to prioritize the needs and wishes of the working staff and laborers. For a little break, everybody can move to the canteen and enjoy their work this way. The area should be well protected against weather conditions to preserve any loss.

Best health and safety affirming facilities encourage the workers to perform to their best abilities hence, producing massive results. “If you want a job well-done, then keep your employees happy,” this rule applies in every work facility. These guidelines not only assure safety but also maintain the proper physical and mental health of the workers.