Here’s How to Travel to Israel on a Budget


Are you thinking of ways to travel to Israel without breaking the bank? The good news is there are plenty of things you can do to cut down on your cost – starting from your Israel flight to accommodation and food, etc. However, this is often possible if you do your research well, and are flexible enough to accommodate some few changes to your trip.


In overall, Israel is expensive, but that shouldn’t scare you; you can still enjoy your stay in the country while on budget. Here is how to get the most of your travel without paying an arm and a leg:


Accommodation will be, by far, the most significant expense of the entire trip. The hotels in Israel are outright expensive – more like in New York and London. So, if you want to save up some coins, you may want to look for alternatives, like Couchsurfing. Couchsurfing is where you sleep in a local home as a guest. Better yet, you can opt for hostels. Hostels are not just perfect for students and young travellers, they are also ideal for families and pretty much anyone who wants to save on accommodation costs. The best part about hostels is that they have kitchens where you can cook and store your food in a fridge – something you won’t find in hotels.

Low-cost flights

If you are planning to visit the Judean Desert (Masada and the Dead Sea) or the Negev, it might be a good idea to fly to the ETM airport, which is in the North of Eilat and South of Israel. Usually, it will be cheaper, and the prices only get better. The ETM airport in Ramon is four hours away from Jerusalem – on the road. Other than that, you may also want to search online for cheap flight offers – usually, you will get incredible deals if you book early, or travel during the low seasons.

Use public transportation

Another great way to visit Israel on a budget is by using public transport because of the fair prices and regular service between the big cities. If you want to get to Eilat, Ramon, Mitzpe, Negev Desert, Nazareth, Golan Heights, or the Judean Desert, you can use buses or Sherut. Trains are the best option if you are going to Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion Airport, Be’er Sheva, Jerusalem, and Haifa.

You may also want to walk around instead of taking taxis. Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are much smaller than big cities in the US or Europe, so you can walk from one site to the next or from your hostel to a site and so on.

Plan upfront

Surprises are part of a journey – especially when you are travelling to a new country. Often, the things you did not anticipate for end up happening, causing you to spend more. So, to minimize on such incidences, it’s essential to be clear about the sites you want to visit, when they open, their costs, among other details to save money. Think of it this way – if you arrive a few hours before a site of interest opens, you may need to wait at a restaurant – where you’ll end up spending money.