Here’s Why You Should Stop Wearing Makeup


Thinking of no longer wearing makeup? Maybe you want to make a bold statement about natural beauty. Maybe you simply want to get out of the house quicker in the morning. Or, even more simply, maybe you’re just sick of wearing makeup! Here are a few reasons why saying “no” to cosmetics is actually a good decision.

1. It’s better for your skin.

Most makeup is toxic, believe it or not. Cosmetics don’t have the same health checks that food and medicine do before going on the market. The manufacturer decides what is and is not safe to use. A lot of cosmetics contain harmful ingredients that are absorbed into your skin. Plus, using foundation on your skin isn’t going to help you become blemish-free; makeup can actually contribute to acne.

2. You’ll have more time in your day.

According to, women apply approximately 17 beauty products before leaving the house. It can take up to an hour to get the look just right. Overall, women spend 474 days of their entire lives applying makeup! If there’s a hobby you’ve been wanting to pick up or errands you always seem to put off, stop applying makeup. You’ll save yourself an extra hour every day! Now, you’ll have more time when looking for flower delivery in Melbourne Visit Fresh Flowers online.

3. You’ll start to love your flaws.

It’s important to love yourself and embrace all of your imperfections. The truth is, most people don’t pay attention to tiny imperfections; you’re the only one who notices them. In the end, people shouldn’t judge you just on how you look. If they do, that says more about them than it does about your makeup choices.

4. You’ll feel more confident.

Mascara and lipstick don’t do anything for confidence. When you accept yourself for who you are and you start to love how you look without makeup, your confidence will hit the ceiling. This is more attractive than any amount of makeup could be.

5. You’ll save a ton of money.

Whether you’re buying inexpensive makeup that needs to be replaced often or pricey makeup that lasts a long time, a lot of your budget is going to your cosmetics.

At first, going makeup-free may make you feel exposed. Once it becomes a habit, though, you’ll get more and more used to your new look.