How HGTV Inspires the Interior Decorator Inside of Us


With its humble beginnings in 1992 it is hard to believe HGTV has become the powerhouse it is today. Even when it began, almost all of the programming was developed out of independent production houses and 90 percent of the programs were original. Today the channel reaches over 94 million households offering more than 60 different shows.

One reason HGTV inspires watchers is the variety of shows they provide. There is a show for everyone, some of which have built a devoted fan base. Home builders in areas like Tampa, FL, have also created a wow factor for audiences through their design and quality.

You can watch shows on every subject from earning income by increasing the value of your home, to tips on buying a home. It’s not just about home design and gardening anymore. HGTV has taken people’s interests and made them entertainment worthy. You can even win your dream home.

Another way HGTV inspires us is they hitched a ride on the reality TV show bandwagon. In addition to their regular programming, they created new shows that hit the reality TV fans hard. Shows like Design Star, Bath Crashers and Holmes on Homes provide reality TV drama while combining HGTV traditional concepts of design and home improvement. There’s a story to follow and people relate to it. That connects people and makes them want to watch more and even do more.

HGTV has a variety of hosts that relate to most everyone. Hosts like Mike Holmes from Homes on Holmes can inspire someone how to do home remodeling projects correctly. He is interesting for the typical man to watch while also educating women if they are new to home improvement. Other designers like Sabrina Soto and Genevieve Gorder inspire through their creative design and pleasant manner. They are more than just designers, they grab their audience, educating them in an intriguing way. They also provide a call to action, referring to the HGTV website.

In addition to the original HGTV channel, they’ve created an empire. There are other channel affiliates that provide the same interesting demeanor. Channels like DIY Network, Travel Channel, Cooking Channel and Food Network. In addition to TV presence their website has a lot of information for inspirational value. You can look up projects, watch show clips and interact with blogs. As if that wasn’t enough, HGTV has its own magazine. Its contributors are the show hosts and other knowledgeable industry experts. There’s something special about how HGTV has reached everyone. It’s more than just a TV channel, its story is an inspiration to us all.