Hidden Kitchen Designs That Will Blow Your Mind


Everyone wants their kitchen to be in a separate and different room from the rest of the living space in their home, and no one wants it to be always in sight, but with the open-floor plan homes that’s not the case. Most of the buildings and homes are built in a way that all the rooms are open and connected with each other, so designers had to come with creative solutions to isolate it. In this article you will able to see some Hidden Kitchen Designs That Will Blow Your Mind. You have probably never thought of them, and you will be surprised with all the fabulous designs that keep the kitchen closed. Your home will look like there’s not a kitchen at all, and you will be happy to see it in all its shine and glamour. The acrylic kitchen splashback will give a special effect and make your home look sopicticated and modern. Despite the hidden kitchens I completed the gallery with hidden storage too. Check out what I have got for you and see the wonders you can do in your home!

If you don’t want all appliances to be visible to everybody, you can hide them behind a cabinet door on your counter top. What do you say about this great idea?

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People don’t usually want to have the sink in sight all the time, so here’s a solution that will help you cover it when you are not using it.

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Open shelves are just amazing for the times when you are cooking and you don’t want to be opening all the cabinets to find the spices that you will need for the delicious meals, but on the other hand are not very practical because they seem to collect dust. This design meets the both worlds, and you can have a little bit of both of them in different timing.

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What do you say about closing all the kitchen with big folding “doors”? In this way your kitchen will look like a huge wardrobe and not like a kitchen at all.

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Is there someone who doesn’t like hidden shelves and drawers where they can keep lots of utensils? I don’t think so!

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These hidden kitchens will make your home look a lot more sophisticated and stylish, so if you are up for a modern and contemporary look, this is a design that you should give a try really soon!

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Kitchen islands also offer you lots of opportunities for hidden designs, so feel free to experiment with whatever works best for you.

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You are going to be surprised how different your home looks like when you hide the kitchen behind those folding doors, and you will even love the designs!

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Have you already started thinking about incorporating some of these hidden kitchens in your home? I hope that you like them and that you are going to share them with your friends!

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