Hiking is healthy, makes you fit and keeps you young


Did you know that more than half of all hikers (also) walk to strengthen their health – in all age groups? Hiking is not only the most natural and environmentally friendly form of exercise, it also keeps body and mind healthy. But is hiking really the all-round happy option when it comes to health? 

Take a deep breath, feel nature, enjoy the view. Hiking is good for body and soul. Hiking can be prevention but also therapy for several diseases of civilization like cancer, obesity, etc. 

Hiking endurance has an effect on fat metabolism and the immune system, as does slow endurance walking. If, in addition, some tantalizing climbs need to be mastered, blood circulation also benefits. All in all, it takes a little longer to become physically fit in this way, but the effect lasts longer and is not – as with hard performance training – endangered by overexertion and injuries. Almost without side effects, the heart, circulatory system, metabolism and respiration, muscles and support structure are strengthened, while the risk of heart attack, cancer and diabetes is reduced by more than half.

A certain regularity plays a decisive role in this. Anyone who constantly spends around 2,000 calories a week on exercise is significantly less ill, recovers faster after a calamity and lives demonstrably longer. It is particularly advantageous that hiking in its many forms can be practiced throughout life and even at an advanced age still shows demonstrable training effects. There are countless ways to do something good for your body and mind, and Hiking is the easiest way to do it. In Europe there are some ultimate hiking trails like the Tour Du Mont Blanc, the Alta Via 1 or the GR20