Only Hire an ISA-Certified Arborist – Your Landscape’s Health Depends on It!


If you’re thinking about pruning, trimming, or removing your trees, back away from your toolbox and put down your saw. This isn’t a job for the average DIYer, jack-of-all-trade, or household handyman. The maintenance should be left to the professionals — ISA-certified arborists to be exact. Only these specialists have the training, skills, experience, and equipment needed to perform safe, efficient, and appropriate maintenance measures on a variety of different species.


ISA, standing for the International Society of Arboriculture, is a non-profit organization that promotes the professional practice of arborists. Its certification is a vital tool for Edmonton homeowners and indeed homeowners around the world, as its credentials prove those accredited have the knowledge and practical abilities to perform at a high level. It’s earned through a written examination that tests the sitter’s knowledge of care and maintenance. In order to pass, a reasonable understanding of the industry’s better practices and techniques must be known and demonstrated. Though entirely voluntary, many of the top tree care experts in Edmonton have obtained and maintained an ISA certification.

An ISA-certified arborist is also held to a code of ethics that’s meant to guide their daily operations. It sets a certain standard for the values and principles of any accredited company, ensuring the highest professional conduct and practices. The best arborist Edmonton homeowners trust with their landscape is held accountable to this code.

When you find an ISA-certified arborist, like those at Chipps Tree Care, you’ll rest knowing your tree’s health is in good hands. Unlike you, they have years of training and experience to let them make safe decisions about your landscape, and they’re backed by top-of-the-line equipment that ensures the integrity of your trees and surrounding property. Their low-impact techniques can be seen in pruning, removal, and deep root fertilization processes.

Pruning — An important step to eliminating dying, dead, or loosened branches, regular pruningcan encourage the tree’s growth.

Removal — In the event of a terrible storm or invasive disease, a tree can end up dying. To remove the danger of it falling onto people or your home, arborists will eliminate it from your property using low-impact rigging with high angle rope access and tree felling. Grinding is an additional service that can remove the stump down to 6 inches below the soil.

Deep Root Fertilization —In times of extreme weather, especially drought, the trees on your property may not get the water and nutrition they need to be healthy. Deep root fertilization ensures the organism gets the nutrients it needs, via a highly penetrative system directly to the roots.

With these techniques in their repertoire, you can understand why an ISA-certified arborist in Edmonton is trusted by homeowners. You have no way of matching their skills, experience, or quality of equipment, so forget about doing these maintenance chores on your own. Get the best arborist Edmonton has to offer.