Holiday Tips – How to Get the Best Fake Tan


Even if self-tanning products that give the best fake tan have been improved hugely, it is still not foolproof. When you get out for holiday, the very last thing you really want is to look like you have been tangoed or having your body covered with streaks where the fake tan went wrong!

The best method to achieve a great, best fake tan is of course to make an appointment with an expert. But after you have booked your holiday as well as bought your pill wardrobe, giving out a wad of cash for a professional fake tan might seem a bit much. That is okay though, because you can have great result at home some care and effort.

Before you start, ensure you have the following:

  • A long-handled sponge
  • Fake-tanning product
  • Hair band or ties
  • Vaseline
  • Self-tan remover
  • Self-tanning latex gloves or mitt

You may be worried about what sort of color you will get from the fake-tanner. If that is the case, go for an inconspicuous patch of the skin (try the product on the stomach, for instance) and apply a little of tanner a week or so in advance. The color will develop in just a few hours and you will be able to notice what sort of result you’ll have. Remember this day’s tan is about subtlety – a soft, natural glow instead of the dark tan, so light-to-medium tanning products are best in many cases.

And to avoid streaks, you have to prepare the skin really well, which might take a bit of time. The day prior to self-tanning, exfoliate carefully. If you wax or shave, now is the right time to do that. If you do exfoliate after self-tanning, the tan will fade really fast and you are also more likely to get streaks if you do not do it. For tricky areas (like the knees, elbows as well as the backs of the ankles), exfoliate twice.

The day before you use the self-tanner, make sure to moisturize. Ensure your skin is hydrated if you apply self-tanner in order to get the best fake tan or the end result might end up looking uneven. If is not too hot, wear long trousers as well as sleeves to bed in order to keep in as much moisture as you can.

When it comes to using the self-tanner, swipe Vaseline over the nails and eyebrows first. Start at the ankles and work all the way slowly all over the body for natural, even coverage. Apply fewer products to parts like the knees, ankles and elbows to prevent dark patches. Also remember to use latex gloves or a tanning mitt to apply it in order to get an even tan as well as avoid the dreaded giveaway of orange palms! Don’t shower for some several hours after the application. Put aside a loose, dark clothing to put on while your self-tanner does its magic, because many fake-tanners have a bronzer which is rubbed off easily.

Even when you are using a gradual product to get the best fake tan, you still have to blend as well as massage it really well. If you are using a spray, just hold the can at arm’s length: you can a good mist this way. This might be frustrating if don’t have enough time, but one thing to be happy about – the results you will get will be worth it!


When applying the tanner to the face, mix half-and-half with the usual moisturizer. Apply just a tiny amount to the eyelids as well as under eyes. Keep in mind that you can swipe off more products with the fake-tan remover. If you have some dry skin or you are over forty, try going for a facial tanning option with collagen for more benefits. Also, try a gradual tanner in order to build up color slowly. If you are worried about using the fake tanner on the face, the same look can be achieved with the cautious application of bronzing makeup.