Home Colour Palettes That Are Perfect For Winter


Typically, winter is made up of three seasonal subtypes when it comes to colour palettes: cool, deep, and bright. 

This is the same whether you’re shopping for a new seasonal wardrobe, or the perfect new additions to your home. This is great news if you’re a fan of bold colours and don’t want to relinquish the reins to those cooler shades – and also perfect if you adore subtle aesthetics and are looking for inspiration to make your home feel extra cosy this season.

The winter palette can be high contrast, or it can be soft, subtle and calming. But the general rule is that these colours are organised into the cool, deep or bright subtypes. And generally, this is split into certain tones that you can use to create gorgeous colour schemes in your home. 

So, let’s explore! 

Layered Neutrals

Neutral colours add a depth to your home, creating a warm, inviting environment that can be so desirable at any time of year; but that works especially well for your spaces when the nights are dark and the cold draws in. 

From stunning neutral wall art that adds layers of soft, warming colour to your walls, or a lick of new paint, there are multiple ways that you can incorporate this collection of shades and colours into your decor.

Because of their versatility, and ability to mix well with other more bold colours, neutrals often sit within the ‘deep’ palette for winter. All colours within this deep range usually have a touch of warmth, like dark reds, deeper greens and rich purples, plus browns and your neutrals. They complement each other well. 

So if you choose something like neutral wall art in order to bring a sense of simplicity to your walls, then choose a richer, deeper colour as its background for some drama. Or, choose a neutral wall colour and add furnishings in one of these warm, deep colours to add depth to these nude shades.

Jewel Tones

When many of us think of winter we consider icy tones, frozen fields and cold grey skies. Everything is usually a little stripped of colour, or washed out. However, this is usually the last thing that we want our home to feel! 

Luckily, the jewel tone palette is one that is beautifully suited to creating a lush but seasonal theme within your home, with inspiration from the opulence of precious gems and jewels. This is your ‘bright’ palette.

Think rich blues, sapphires, ruby reds, bright white, deep black and emeralds. And the beauty of these colours is that often, you can take them in whatever way you want, depending on the space you’re looking to create. 

Why not invest in a stunning, bold colour for your walls, and create a highly dramatic vision? Use one of these jewel tones as a feature wall, or bring together your space with a collection of furnishings composed of these sumptuous shades. 

For example, there is something incredibly seasonal about combining a rich, ocean-deep sapphire with an earthy stone colour, inspired by fossilised wood. Go for garnet and chocolate, deep ruby reds and the spicy orange of calcite, or emerald furnishings toned down with a lush, copper in your accents. 

The point of this palette is high contrast, to create depth, excitement and to clash a little. So have fun! 

Black And Grey Tones

While we said that these are typically the colours of winter, there’s nothing wrong with being typical! 

Black and grey form a connection with deep winter, the ‘cool’ spectrum of shades and tones that bring out that feeling of frosty mornings and cold fingers. And though it might seem counterintuitive to want to emulate the feeling of cooler weather during winter, when we crave warmth, using black and grey to contrast each other is a great way of creating dynamic spaces.

Grey can be used to soften your black features, or accents, and bring the overall impact down a little. While black accents can sharpen a room, bringing your features – whether that’s wall art, a mirror, or whatever you’ve chosen as your focal point in the room – into bright relief. 

If you’re going to use black, make sure your room or space is well lit! Otherwise you’ll conjure a gloomy, oppressive sensation that isn’t what we want from our homes. Create that focal feature element by using black behind a fireplace, or a gallery wall of some beautiful, subtle neutral wall art for a classic, timeless look.

In Conclusion

While this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the unique colours that you can explore for winter, hopefully it’s given you some inspiration for your spaces this season! 

When in doubt, research the colours that you’re most drawn to and their palette counterparts, for a theme that is cohesive but that doesn’t lose any sense of dynamism. And remember, it’s your space, decorate in the way that makes you happy!