The Home Helper – 8 Ways to Switch Up Your Decor For 2018


New year, new me. We say this every new years, but 2018 is a time for change. So, what better way to switch things up by changing your home decor? Today, we’re going to look at a few ways that you can mix up your decor for the new year!

Try a new colour scheme

For a head-to-toe makeover, the first step is creating a palette. Come up with a basic colour scheme for the whole house and then take that from room to room, having it play itself out in different ways in different rooms. By choosing a palette in advance, it allows your home to feel more cohesive, with each room being based off of a consistent theme.

Investment pieces

If you truly love and have investment in a piece, such as a antique couch or bookcase, you’ll want to put it on display. Use and enjoy your antiques and unique finds by placing them front and centre and making them statement pieces of any room.

Amplify neutrals with texture

Neutral, basic decor can still be interesting- just include a variety of materials. Using a large range of materials such as raw silk, distressed velvet or open weave linen creates contrast against matte neutral walls. The perfect way to add new texture is with pillows, curtains and furniture. To make it easier, you can get perfect inspiration for pillows and curtains online.

Pile on the pillows for extra luxe

One pair of pillows can look skimpy. Use two or more pairs in contrasting patterns, colours and textures. This adds more personality to a room and can soften any harsh colours or angles whilst providing comfort.

Add most personality to rooms

Make your house feel like a home. You can add personality by hanging your favourite artwork on the walls, incorporating your investment pieces into major rooms of the house or just adding a pop of your favourite colour to a room.

Find pieces which can be versatile

Versatility is key in saving money whilst still still providing your home with elegant looks. Slipcovers are the perfect example of versatility. They can serve as a means of changing your furniture look to reflect the seasons. These easily-removed coverings allow you to have a sophisticated look without constantly worrying about people dirtying or spilling on your furniture. Slip covers are ideal for rooms used frequently by children.  

Add some nature

Add plants to your living space. You can add them to any and every room, small or large, few or many. Plants are an inexpensive means to accessorizing your space and adding color and texture. Not only are plants beautiful, but having a wide array of plants throughout your home can clean household air and balance humidity. They can absorb pollutants and remove harmful gases from the air.

Contrast more

Have hardwood floors? Add a soft rug, Have very neutral walls? Add coloured furniture or accessories. Contrasting not only allows you to play around with personality, textures and colour but it can provide balance to rooms.

Sometimes the smallest things make the greatest impact. It could be the addition of a mirror, a painting, a lamp or even a plant. Maybe you want to soften your walls, brighten a room, or add some warmth to your living space. Decorating your own place is about fun and creativity, so try and enjoy it!