Home Renovation Styles That Will Transform Your Property


If you’re interested in updating your home, choosing a theme can guide the renovation process and make it much easier. The decision to make large-scale changes to your property should always be thought out ahead of time so you know exactly how to budget, what to concentrate on and how to oversee the entire renovation process from start to finish. To have the greatest impact on your home, here are three popular styles that will completely change your style. It’s a big undertaking, but if you want to make your house feel truly your own, renovations are a great way to achieve the ultimate personal touch.

Covering the Cost

Major home renovations are pricey, and you may be wondering how you’ll finance the extensive cost of giving your house a serious makeover. Some of your existing assets may be valuable, including your life insurance policy. A life settlement can give you access to cash while an investor will take over and help you get rid of an unwanted life insurance policy. You can review a guide on how life settlement works so you know your options before moving forward. Other options include home equity loans, refinancing existing debts and credit cards.

Victorian Style Finishes

The glamour and timeless allure of Victorian-era homes make an excellent basis for home renovations. This style is mature, elegant and can be effortlessly woven into a contemporary house while adding a touch of refinement to modern architecture. If you live in a smaller home, this style works perfectly as most Victorians tend to be high and vertical with narrow rooms and high ceilings as opposed to spacious and wide spaces. If this style appeals to you, consider some of the following: 

  • Deep, rich colors on your home exterior with striking shuttered windows.
  • Detailed trims and moldings.
  • Woodwork and polished hardwood floors.
  • Wraparound porches with carved columns.

Exterior and interior cosmetic changes can be enriched by adding Victorian-style furniture, which can be original or modeled after the time period. Think claw-food tubs, dark, ornately carved woods and designs featuring natural themes such as leaves and floral arrangements.

Mid-Century Modern

When people began to migrate from rural towns to the suburbs, the mid-century style was born. Plenty of outdoor space with large windows and doors create a sense of unity between indoor and outdoor living. Inside, open-floor concepts are meant to provide as much interrupted space as possible for families to live and play. If you’re interested in a comfortable, lived-in feel, the mid-century ranch style might be ideal for your next project.


The hand-made feel of a Craftsman house makes it feel welcoming from the moment you lay eyes on it. Natural textures and materials are used to produce an authentic effect, one that echoes a simpler time when people were deeply involved in every step of the home-building process. Small homes thrive with this style as its design naturally creates a feeling of warmth and coziness. Consider installing a fireplace that becomes a centerpiece in the living area; the exterior can feature natural color pairings like deep navy and warm browns with stone accents and lumber columns.