Home Staging: How to Make Your Home Stand Out to Buyers


You might think your home is ship-shape and ready to go out on the market. But that is because you have already enjoyed your home how it is for a while. 

When you list your house for sale, there will be plenty of viewings, and your home needs to appeal to every person who walks through the door. 

Staging your home is the process of creating a home that appeals to many. It involves decorating, careful furniture placement, and even specific scents in your home at all times. 

Careful staging means that people can enjoy the home visually, but there is enough room for their imagination to imagine their furniture there. 

Does every room need to be staged?

Not all rooms are going to make an impact. When viewers are looking around the property, they usually look for the bedrooms and living room size. 

The family dynamic will dictate the importance of other rooms, but the bedroom and living room usually take the top spot. Make sure the bedroom has something stunning from Divan Beds Centre as the feature of the room. People should be able to feel like they can relax and unwind in the room. 

Opt for a sofa with more than two seats in the living room – it looks comfortable and homely. 


For the house viewers to see themselves in the home, they usually need to see it without your items in it. 

Consider it as a blank canvas – allowing the viewers to fill in the gaps. Can they picture their dog in the yard? Or are all your dog’s toys there? There is a fine art to removing just the right amount of things to make the home feel like the seller can step right into it and feel ‘home.’ 

One or two pictures on the wall are usually fine, but if there are hundreds? It can feel like a bit of stretch. 

Professional Cleaner

You have two main options when it comes to getting your home in the best state of clean since you moved it. One is to clean as you have never cleaned before, and the other is to hire a professional cleaner. 

Every tiny inch of your home should be gleaming and shining. Not only is it nicer for potential buyers to walk into a house that looks like it has been cared for, but all of the odors that have been hanging around will be gone. 

Before you move furniture around, the space needs to be cleaned first. 


When we speak about depersonalization, that removes things like nametags, family photos, and anything else that feels very personal. 

If you have spent a long time imprinting your personality on the home, it might have blues, oranges, pinks, and more in terms of colors. While you love it, it might show potential buyers just how much work they have to do to turn it into their home. 

Before you list the property for sale, it is a good idea to spend time painting walls with soft greys, taupes, white, or other neutrals. 

A soft neutral color palette allows viewers to imagine their furniture in the rooms and what they would add in terms of color. They make a mental leap to how it would feel to live in the home. 

Fresh and Green

When you go to spas or hotels or view interior design magazines, you notice a few things. One is the maximization of natural light, and the other is plants and flowers. 

The maximization of the light makes the rooms big and airy, while fresh flowers and plants add a touch of luxury. 

If you aren’t big on gardening, then you can place faux plants instead. They will have the same impact without the commitment from you. 

Not every room has big windows, but it is possible to add some lamps to help add to the ambiance in the room. 

One of the critical things to remember is that you don’t need to spend a lot of cash on staging, but it does take time to get it right.