Home Sweet Kit Home: Protect Your Budget While Living in Unique Style


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Historically, the heyday of kit homes was from 1910 to 1940. Sears Roebuck was a huge retailer of these innovative kits, including bungalows that were delivered by train and hauled to the job site on a sledge. Each kit home contained numbered parts and carefully measured out items such as nails, lumber and paint. Studs were colour coded for easy construction and each home came with a full set of instructions.

Modern kit houses are not limited in size or in the number of stories. If your family is growing and you want a larger home, don’t give up on a kit house. These streamlined and beautiful homes are available with multiple levels if needed.

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Kit homes can also be an environmentally friendly investment. If generating your own electricity appeals to you, consider working that into the design of your new home!

Some pre-fab homes arrive at your home site ready to assemble; many of them are even available furnished! The C6.1 from Living Home features over 1200 square feet, three bedrooms and two baths. This U-shaped building offers an interior courtyard for an outdoor living space.

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Minnesota-based Alchemy offers homes in a wide range of sizes and layouts, each built to your specifications in their facility. Whether you’re in need of a summer home or full time living, your kit home will be cosy and warm with in-floor heating and corrugated steel siding.

If a small home appeals to you, kit homes offer huge variety in tiny spaces. For low-cost and simple living, consider the amazing options presented by kitHaus for abundant options in small-house living. Their gallery offers new ways to think about tiny houses in tandem for a blend of indoor and outdoor living to suit any lifestyle.

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For those who would like to live lightly on the earth, off-grid kit homes offer great ways to stay comfortable in a small carbon footprint. The Zeta kit home, designed and offered by the Justin Capra Foundation, is available from 500 to 1000 square feet. Your home can be powered by wind and solar power, and has a built-in water collection feature.

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Czech architect Marek Stepan has designed the Freedomky House, available in 248 square feet and 409 square feet. This tiny house can be assembled in four hours, features a back-up diesel generator, and a thermal system for hot water generation.

U.S. based Green Modern Kits are modular homes in the truest sense of the word. Thus, if you want a tiny house, choose a single small module. Larger homes, multiple stories, and garages are also available. Let them know what you need, and enjoy the design process!

Green Cottage Kits offer a very traditional stucco look with a charming cottage exterior, but each home is built with Structural Insulated Panels, or SIPS. These durable panels are stronger and offer more thermal protection than stick built construction. If you choose this kit, be aware that your builder will need a site that can handle a crane for this construction project!


Modern homeowners now have access to the same flexibility with kit houses constructed of steel. While many of the kit homes available are delivered fully furnished, the kit homes from Wide Span Sheds are finished on the exterior and yours to personalise. These homes are available with a wide variety of exterior customisations including second story decks and attached garages.

Technological advances in housing and a desire to reduce the load of stuff available in modern day life has led to a fascinating boom in housing options. Your dream home may be selected from a website and built in a day!