Honey can do wonders to your body – There’s more to it than just promoting weight loss!


Just as Earth has got some amazing wonders like the Light House of Alexandria or the Great Pyramids of Giza which are man-made, similarly, if you consider the natural wonders of the earth, honey is one among them and it tops the list. As it is called liquid gold, there is a trove of wonders that it can perform in order to boost your overall health. This thick, sweet-tasting and sticky liquid is extremely rich in several minerals like calcium, iron and magnesium. In fact, experts are of the opinion that there is something enchanting about honey which is flower nectar that is transformed by the bees.

As per the National Honey Board, honey is free of cholesterol, fat and sodium and this is why it is called the sweetest nectar of nature. We have often heard about the different virtues of honey from our grandmoms and they always passed the knowledge that it helps in increasing immunity to aid in weight loss. But weight loss is not just the only benefit of honey as there’s more to it. You may opt for Tasmanian leatherwood honey as it has got the best properties of honey.


In what way is honey made?

You will be rather alarmed to know that it takes more than 60,000 bees to travel through a distance of 55,000 miles and visit more than 2 million flowers to gather the required nectar that is needed to make a pound of honey? As this nectar is gathered, the bee stores that inside its extra stomach where it gets mixed with the enzymes in its body which is passed to the mouth of another bee through regurgitation.

The honey bees fan the nectar with the help of their wings, letting the water to evaporate and create the substance which is called honey. With its sugary taste, it has become one of the best things that you can have for your health. Read on to know more on how it can help your body.

Honey benefits you never knew of

  • Boosts your energy naturally

Have you ever noticed how high sugar leads to a crash of energy and burns more often? Well, it is high time that you start forgetting about those energy drinks and your coffee latte. Rather than adding sweeteners in your tea, add honey. If you take baked food, spread some honey on a hot bread toast and you’ll find a sudden boost in energy. The natural sugar that is there in honey will also not let you feel tired during exercise and this is perfect for enhancing your sports performances.

  • Heals burns and other wounds naturally

Now it has been more than 2000 years that honey is being utilized as an antibiotic due to its more than one antibacterial properties. This is why it is considered as an antibiotic which can be easily used for healing outward wounds and also illnesses inside the body. As per a study published by the British Journal of Surgery, it was found that honey could be applied on the ulcers of patients so that it could heal sooner.

  • Cures allergies

We have already heard about the anti-inflammatory properties which can treat coughs and wounds. There are many who believe that honey could cure all sorts of allergies which occur during different changes in seasons. Honey is natural and it contains very small level of pollen. Whenever human body is exposed to natural pollen, it improves the immune system to release antibodies to that natural pollen.

  • Treats cough and throat infection

As per a study that was published in Journal Pediatrics, you just require 2 teaspoons of honey in order to cure a cough that has been constantly disturbing you. Due to the antimicrobial properties of honey, honey doesn’t only soothe the throat but also kills bacteria which leads to infection. If you don’t want to take honey directly, you can add it to warm water. The leatherwood honey is produced in Australia and it has been renowned to be one of the best forms of honey.

  • Honey is a good form of detox

When you take honey along with warm water, you can flush off the toxins from your body. If you can get regular with taking honey and warm water, you can flush off your toxins and avoid developing all sorts of diseases. To boost the benefits, add lemon to the mixture as lemon can increase urination and hence there is more release of toxins. As lemon comprises of citric acid, it maximizes functions of enzyme and also stimulates the liver to promote detoxification.

  • Boosts your overall health

Drinking warm water along with honey not just boosts hydration but it also keeps the levels of good cholesterol perfect in your body. This gives less strain on the cardiovascular system and keeps your overall health perfect.

Hence now that you know the wonders that can be created by honey, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a pack of honey and start having it in order to reap the benefits that have been mentioned above.