Houses for Sale Near Me in Moreland: Everything You Need to Know About This Georgian Landmark


Although the US real estate market is in a constant state of flux, it’s still blooming in every direction. Numerous people are looking to this investment medium to take hold of the enormous dividends attached. Well, you can’t blame them. Who doesn’t want a share of the pie?

However, with the markets of states like New York, Washington DC, and other similar states becoming saturated by the day, it’s typical for houses for sale in these regions to feature astronomic prices. While it does pay in the long run, what happens to the upcoming investor looking for that big break?

If you’re an investor and you don’t want to go into these markets undertaking several loans and grants, there’s a solution for you. While the typical investor might have reservations about house pricing, there are still several untapped diamonds out there waiting to be harnessed.

While there are so many of these destinations out there in several US states and counties, one place we’ll be taking a closer look at in this article is Moreland, GA. 

However, before you make that “Houses for sale near me in Moreland” search on Google, get a foundation on what this Georgian landmark exudes. That said, also see how you can narrow down the search for a conducive house by engaging Tim Stout and Associates/Houses for Sale in Georgia platform.

There’s so much material to cover. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Moreland GA: All There Is to Know About This Region

Moreland is located in Coweta Country – a place located in the “Wisdom, Justice, Moderation” state of Georgia. That said, before we get a foundation into demographics and some population statistics, let’s take a trip down memory lane.

If you’re looking to trace Moreland, GA, from its roots, history will lead you to the Mount Zion Methodist Church. A revered religious institution back in the day, the development of this church can be attributed to the activities of farmers allotted this landmark as part of the Georgia land lottery in 1827.

Although this region was known as Puckett Station at first due to train water stops, the construction of an actual train station in 1888 led to a change in the naming scheme. The result? Moreland.

While the economy of this region majored in cotton, the invasion of bill weevils in 1920 ruined this economic survival strategy. Due to the repercussions of this singular event, businesses like that of “W.A Brannon” were closed.

With new investors coming to Moreland in 1926 to run businesses, the “Moreland Knitting Mills” was founded. Albeit the primary employing entity back then, they shut down operations. Now, their buildings are used as public offices and a museum.

From this history summary above, Moreland seems like a tiny town. In truth, it is. According to a recent study, Moreland, GA, in 2018, had a total of 408 residents. Out of this number, the median age is 48.4%. 

During this time, the median household income at Moreland came in at $66,250. 

For intending homeowners looking towards Moreland, GA, there’s a median property value of $160,300. Using this number in direct comparison to other markets, houses at Moreland are less expensive.

Living in Moreland, GA: Are There Any Advantages?

From the surface, it isn’t unusual to see people criticizing this region for being home to a few people. Unlike other areas that feature population values in their thousands, Moreland has some 400+ residents. However, there’s more than meets the eye to Moreland, GA. 

So, the next time someone asks you why you’re asking search engines the question, “Houses for sale near me in Moreland,” give them the following reasons. They include;

  • There’s a Strong Sense of Community

While there’s a common stereotype that life at Moreland would be relatively dull due to the absence of a buzzing population, the numbers here should work the trick effectively.

With over 400+ residents cutting across Whites, Black, and Hispanics, someone coming to this region for the first time should have a great time fitting in as almost everyone knows each other. 

At Moreland, there’s a strong sense of community as there’s always someone willing to lend a helping hand.

  • The Prestige of Living in an Area That Gave Birth to Several Celebrities

If you’ve never heard the names Eskine Caldwell and Lewis Grizzard, it’s time to make some deposits into your knowledge bank. 

While the former was an established author with his bestseller “Tobacco Road,” the latter was a renowned humorist that made jokes that are still worth listening to today. 

That said, there’s a dedicated Lewis Grizzard museum in Moreland, GA, that displays some of his finest works. 

So, imagine being a part of this heritage. An exciting prospect, right?

  • Multiple Home Variations on Show

Unlike other real estate markets that feature a particular set of homes, variety being the spice of life rings true at Moreland, GA. 

Consequently, if you’d like to move to Moreland soon, there are luxury homes, semi-detached family apartments, condos, and anything in-between to tally your preferences. 

Employing the Services of a Top Realtor: Is It a Must?

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Major Takeaway

Moreland, GA, is a region that’s worth a second look. Featuring a closely knitted community alongside other perks, you’ll never feel left alone at this interesting Georgian landmark.

That said, while getting a property here might seem pretty straightforward, you’ll need a realtor you can trust. 

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