How Buying Quality Multimeter Can Reduce The Risk Of Hazards?


A multimeter is used for measuring the voltage, electric current and resistance. There are so many renowned multimeter makers today like Fluke multimeter who make sure that their product synchs with the latest technology and at the same time it is safe to use. However, while these companies are making groundbreaking research and development to come up with more efficient products for the customers, some of the biggest corporations also feel that it is their responsibility to educate the customers for the efficient use of the device.

What do you need to know?

As far as safety is concerned, the customer should be as careful in choosing the right multimeter as choosing the helmet for the bike. A faulty and below standard helmet can cost your life and therefore you are always suggested to buy a helmet from the renowned company. In the multimeter, the trick is choosing the multimeter according to the voltage. There has been various researches wherein it was found that most of the time failed units was the result of multimeter with a very low voltage capacity. You cannot really control high voltage as it is directly proportional to the distribution systems and loads. Voltage can spike due to various parts such as power conversion equipments, capacitors and motors. Well, that’s not all as there are several other factors that can cause the spike in the voltage. Also, there are so many hazards that are not even visible and therefore cannot be avoided. We ignore when these hazards occur on the low-voltage power circuit and are only visible when peak out in thousands of volts. During such issues, the user has to rely on the safety margin which comes inbuilt in your meter.

While companies can only guarantee you the safety to a level, much also depends on you to make sure that the working environment is safe and that all the meters are working properly. Ultimately, there is no tool that would take the guarantee of your safety 100%. Make sure that the right kind of tools and equipments are used and the equipments are of very high standard.

While selecting the multimeter, do not rely much on the statements such as built to match the specification. Always look for the globally accepted symbols such as CE and so on. Do not get trapped into the viscous circle of cheap multimeter. So, when you are looking to buy next multimeter, consider few questions which would help you in buying the best multimeter.

You need to analyze the worst-case scenario of the job and then determine the level of the application that you need to perform. Select the meter which has the highest rating followed by the multimeter which has a good voltage rating and is suitable for the category that you would work on. One last thing before finalizing the multimeter is checking the leads which you should not forget.

You can also look for the sensors available with the multimeter like sound pressure and light level, relative humidity and acidity.