How can Independent Music Makers Better Market their Music with QR codes?


If there is one group of people that needs to have a major marketing strategy revamp that would be the independent music maker’s marketing strategy. 

Competing with known record labels can be a difficult pursuit for most musicians who work independently. As these record labels use money to boost their music, putting up large sums of money to better promote their music is a gamble that will mostly lead them towards becoming broke music makers. 

And with the disadvantage they have with the established music makers, their only goal in getting their music heard is by making their music go viral on social media and YouTube. 

With these tactics, independent music makers can have the chance to make it in the top rising music makers of today. 

Why choose QR codes in promoting your music?

As accessibility to music is an important aspect that every musician follows to make their music heard, here are 6 notable reasons why QR codes are the best promotion tools that you can use today. 

1. A QR code generator with logo is always available online

2. Cost lesser than other materials

3. Has many marketing uses

4. Widen the number of the audience listening to your music

5. Can be scanned with any smartphone devices

6. Data is changeable and traceable

How to promote your music with QR codes?

The music industry thrives with the known record labels that monopolize the marketing systems at a higher price. And because of that, independent music makers and labels are struggling to keep up with the success known musicians and record labels have. 

But as more audiophiles are engaging in new and novel ways to listen to music like QR codes, independent music makes can stand a chance to get their masterpiece to be heard by them. 

To seize the chance of luring more listeners and turn them into their musical fans, here are some notable ways on how they can make their music be known with QR codes.

1. Promote in Print Materials

As promoting the old fashion way with print materials can never go out of style, the use of QR codes can help independent musicians to promote their music from audiophiles who are keen on reading posters and other print materials in prominent areas such as bus stops, subways, and highways. 

And as a way to keep them intrigued with the posters they read about them, independent music makers can integrate the use of a QR code generator with logo to create QR codes that match the marketing material color schemes. 

2. Make a pinned post of your QR code to your social media page or group

To get your followers updated with the latest track you are working on, you can use a dynamic QR code to update the audio file of your QR code. 

Once the QR code is created, you can pin the dedicated QR code in your social media pages or groups and label it as new tracks for the week. 

In this way, independent music makers can get their fame from providing audiophiles with fresh tracks for them.

3. Place it in your merch and wearable

Independent music makers can better promote their music with their merch and wearable by placing QR codes on each of them. Through this, you can pique people’s curiosity with your QR code-themed merch and let them scan the code to know what information they will be directed with. 

As a way to boost your music to people, you can incorporate the use of a Spotify QR code on your T-Shirt, stickers, and more. In this way, you will increase your Spotify algorithm and land a chance to be featured in the Top Music Rising Spotify playlist. 


With the competition between music makers and record labels intensifies, promoting an independent music maker’s music is can be hard and difficult. Because of that, some of them give up and terminate their music career early. 

But as giving up is never an option for music believers, independent music makers are up for changing their marketing game plan by integrating the use of technology to their advantage. 

With QR codes added in today’s marketing game tools, independent music-makers can now keep up with known music makers and labels in a simple yet cost-efficient manner.