How Choosing the Right Curtain Style & Material Can Transform Your Home


Curtains may not seem like a central home design aspect, but the right curtains can create a functional space with privacy and warmth while finishing off the look of your room. They can also make a space feel big or cosy while adding a complementary colour, pattern, or texture to the area. Curtains can have a transformative effect and, when used correctly, can give your home a quick and easy makeover. 

Adding Texture

The style of a curtain can transform a space with something as simple as the style of pleat you choose. For example, a traditional pencil pleat can simplify the look, while grouping that same pleat in two or more will be decorative and works with most fabrics. Both pleat styles will bring a new look and vibrancy to your decor and a beautiful curtain rod with ornate ends will finish off the design. 

Rail Placement & Curtain Length

Curtains can change the way proportions of a room are perceived and therefore transform the feel of a room. For example, while many people have curtains placed at eye level, if you want the ceiling to seem higher, hang your rail higher to draw the eye up. The other option is to use floor-length drapes to expand the space. Well placed curtains can also make a room appear wider by extending the curtain rail past the window frame to give the illusion of a larger window.

Soften or add Grandeur to Your Space

Curtains can affect the ambience and dictate how laid-back or formal a room is. For example, a formal space may include rich fabrics, swags, cascades, cornice boards, and tiebacks, while a relaxed space may have simpler finishes and materials. 

Pattern & Colour Makeover

Patterns and colours completely transform a space, changing the energy of a room quickly and easily. A dramatic pattern change can take a room from formal to playful; a bright colour may convert from traditional to modern. Curtain changes can truly recreate a space all on their own. 


A curtain fabric change can also have a transformative effect on a room. Cotton is a light and versatile natural fabric that adds a crisp, clean feel to your home, while linen is a breezy, relaxed fabric that lets in a lot of natural light and adds a vintage look. Silk curtains look stunning when hung and add luxury, while velvet is a heavy fabric that offers excellent insulation, noise reduction and blackout properties whilst also adding glamour. Finally, polyester is popular as it is versatile, affordable, and easy to clean. Whichever fabric is best for your space, the fabric choice will significantly impact the feel of your room and its final look. 

If you are looking to transform your space, start by thinking how a few of these tips with your curtain hangings or the curtains themselves may make a difference for your decor.